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The growth of Virus records has been nothing short of spectacular since it's inception in 1998 to now being one of the most revered and respected dance labels the UK has produced. With it's roots firmly bedded in Drum and Bass, the label has championed many sub-genre's within the scene, including British techstep and neurofunk. Label bosses Ed Rush and Optical are considered legends in their own right and pushed through many of the scenes biggest names, including Fierce, Matrix, Cause 4 Concern and the mighty Bad Company.

And last Friday Cable witnessed history as Virus came down to celebrate 15 years in the game. The whole venue was rammed out with fans of Virus both past and present, to watch some of the biggest names in drum and bass take to the decks across all 3 rooms. Some of the old guard put on a show as Virus veterans Matrix and Bailey stepped up, alongside head honchos Ed Rush & Optical, who once more went back-to-back to a packed main room. Joining the celebrations were Blackout's very own Black Sun Empire, with the ever popular Audio and The Upbeats smashing up the dance.

Check out the exclusive photos here. Thank you to everyone who came down and made it a wicked night!

Photos - Charles Turner
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