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2 Shy MC has been working the mic since 96 and shows no signs of slowing down. The man boasts residencies at Goldie's legendary Metalheadz and Pure Science as well as regular performances here at Cable. With a gig here at Faster on Sunday 6th May we thought it perfect timing to catch up for a chat.

Lets roll things back... how did you first get into MCing?

Coming from a reggae/hip hop/electro background I’ve always been into lyrically influenced music.
To cut a very long story short, everyone wanted to be a DJ back in he day including me. Then I went to my first rave and witnessed an mc on the stage hyping up the crowd and knew right there that was what I was going to do. From that moment on I would grab the mic at bedroom mixing sessions with mates. This built up my confidence and I began to perform at house parties, which progressed onto Pirate radio etc. That’s a very brief version of events!

How do you find inspiration for your bars?

I grab inspiration from everyday life, anything, anytime and any place. I decided from the start that I would only ever rhyme about things that I have personally experienced. I figured no one could be better than me at being me! I rhyme about past and present experiences and spur of the moment emotions that I am experiencing right there in the rave.

Faster NYE was epic for us, how was it for you?

Faster was a great way to see in the New Year, I know the Faster crew very well and it was a great feeling seeing all 3 rooms at Cable rammed out. The line up’s that Faster put on are very well thought out, they always cover every aspect of drum and bass. From the high energy beats, to the soulful breaks and everything in between. It’s a musical journey rather than just a rave. The vibes on NYE were immense, I was there for the whole night and every artist smashed it in all 3 rooms. I’m sure this May Bank Holiday event will be just as brilliant.

It must be hard, but, can you pick your most memorable gig?

There have been way to many over the years. One that stands out straight away was one where Goldie and I had turned up for a festival in Serbia, neither of us were expecting too much from it as we didn’t have much prior info about it at all including the name of the event and what sort of crowd to expect. We arrived at the venue and decided to check out the main stage where we were playing. We walked up the stairs to backstage and pulled back the curtain to see Morrisey on stage performing to an endless amount of people at least 50K!!! Realising that we had to go on and play 2hrs of DNB to the crowd after an act like Morrissey was a surprise to say the least. It turns out that the festival was actually THE ‘Exit’ festival - amazing!

You have been on the scene for quite a while now, you must have a few crazy stories to share!

I couldn’t possibly divulge on any of the good ones, haha, but there have definitely been a few crackers.

How do you feel the role of the MC has changed over the years?

The role of an MC has changed massively over the years. I’m still of an old skool mentality where I believe that we are there to accompany the DJ and be the middle man between the DJ and the crowd. I’m seen more as a host style MC in the scene which is the road that I chose to go down, in the more jump up side of the scene a lot of the MC’s are now the main feature of the line up’s. Love them or hate them you have to respect the fact that MC’s have turned the tables and gone from a being the under dog in some cases to being bigger than the guy playing the music. We’ve always had a voice in the scene but it seems like it is being heard more nowadays and the role of an MC is being taken a little more seriously. We now have more MC’s featuring on tracks rather than a producer robbing a US hip hop sample. That alone is a massive step for a drum and bass MC and who knows where it could lead.

We have seen more and more mixes coming from you, would you ever make a complete transition over to DJ/producer?

I’ve always mixed but back in about 1993 I decided that I had to make a choice of whether to try and become a career DJ or MC. I’ve always been into poetry and felt I could express more lyrically overall. I’ve recently got back into mixing beats as for me its another great form of expression. Sometimes you just want to play the beats that you want to hear and express the mood you are in. I’m enjoying doing my monthly mixes at the moment and they are getting a great response. I’ve been working hard in the studio over the last few years as well and again making a track is a form of expression but rather than words I’m using sounds to get my point across. In the future who knows, nowadays I’m just going where the music takes me. I’d love to be able to do both at some stage.

Check out a mix from 2Shy MC above...

Why do you keep returning to Cable? Is it something in the water?

London Bridge is my old haunt and Cable is yet another reason for me to not stay away! The venues layout is perfect and the sound system in the main room is a killer when it’s warmed up. I’ve never had a bad night at the club yet. Every event I have worked there has always proved excellent! There is always a great atmosphere and superb music policy, Faster on Bank holiday May 6th looks set to carry on that trend. Can’t wait!

What have you got coming up that we should know about?

There are a few things in the pipeline that are being tied up rite now so you will have to watch out for those. But at the moment I’m working on a few collaborations with various producers in a variety of genres. I’m still working on my beats alongside Meth and we have loads of stuff ready to drop. Other than that you can catch me performing somewhere around the World doing what I do, rollin’ over beats and amp-ing up a crowd. You can catch my monthly mixes on soundcloud so stay locked to that.


Faster at Cable
Sunday 6th May

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Main Room: Wilkinson, S.P.Y, Lenzman, Dom & Roland, Marcus Intalex, Break, Doc Scott , Anile

Hosted by: 2 Shy MC, SP, Lowqui, Code:breaker

Room Two Hosted by Do it: I Killed Kenny, We're Not Cool, Unit 9, Not Shy
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