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When most people are getting in from their Saturday night out there is also an army of party people who have only just woken up. By midday the majority of people will be preheating the oven in anticipation for Sunday lunch. Not this hedonistic collective of early-morning starters and non-sleepers however. They will be fist-pumping and head-nodding to the final few tracks of their ‘night’. Jaded has revolutionised the way clubbers see Sundays and this weekend they have been with us at Cable for three years.

The brand first gained its reputation as an afterhours party where club-workers and DJs could head to have their own party after a night of service and work. The Ends infamous AKA Bar gave Jaded a home and it is there that the party became universally known. But sadly all good things come to an end, and following the closure of that particular London clubbing gem, Jaded found a new home in Cable and have gone from strength to strength.

Three years later, with Alan Fitzpatrick set to make his debut performance as the newest Jaded resident this Sunday, Jaded is still growing. The infamous moth that is their image has been drawing more and more people to it’s luminous flame, with no signs of slowing down. Alan Fitzpatrick has put together the 5th edition of our Cablecast series in preparation for Sunday. You can stream at the top of this page.

Over the years Jaded has become more and more coveted, a stalwart box-ticker for any clubber in London. And having done New Years Eve warehouse parties with Nina Kraviz, as well as parties with Adam Beyer, Speedy J, Sandwell District, Mr G and Stephan Bodzin to name but a few, London knows only one true Sunday after hours party.

Promoter Krista and ‘High-Priest’ Raymundo Rodriguez take us through some of the highlights of their three-year tenure here at Cable –

1. February 2010 - Launch Party with Ryan Elliott, Matt Tolfrey, Inxec, Marc Ashken.

Ryan Elliott is the surprise guest at the launch party, which was attended by a capacity crowd of familiar and brand new faces. Raymundo’s closing set at the first one became something of a legend.

Photo: Evgenia Markova

2. September 2010 - Chris Liebing plays Jaded.

Four and a half hours of dreamlike techno; it changed the way we looked at Jaded forever.

Photo: Vickie Parker

3. April 2011 - Stroboscopic Afters.

Lucy, Oblivious Artefacts and the EarToGround made us lose all concept of space and time.

Photo: Ben Douch

4. October 2011 - DrumCode 15 Afterhours.

Adam Beyer, Ida Engberg, Joseph Capriati, Alan Fitzpatrick play on and on and on…

Photo: Vickie Parker

5. May 2012 - Jaded presents Keinemusik for the first time.

Adam Port and David Mayer spark an ongoing Jaded love affair.

Photo: Daddy’s Got Sweets

6. June 2012 - Sandwell District at Jaded.

The crowd swooned for Function and Regis who were surprise guests at our Electric Deluxe Afterhour.

Photo: Daddy’s Got Sweets
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