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Cedric Maison earned his stripes running his Playground night – which quickly grew out of its Oxford home and became a well-respected and much loved addition to the London club scene. In 2006 he set up the Hypercolour label alongside Alex Jones, dedicated to releasing refreshing, interesting and slightly left-of-centre electronic music. Despite failing to use the success of the Hypercolour label to start a Global Hypercolour T-shirt revival, the pair have released some jolly good music from Glimpse, Frankie Flowerz, Dan Berkson, Agnes, Plasmik and many more. With Cedric playing at We Fear Silence present Circus Company Records on Saturday 3rd September, We thought it was about time we picked his musical brains. Here he shares with his 7 Ways to Fear Silence .

Three For The Floor

1. Eats Everything 'Entrance Song' (Pets Recordings)

This is the new Julio Bashmore 'Battle for Middle You' - ravey, bassy and goes off. Been opening
up my sets with this for a good month or so now. Smashes it every time, it's another Bristol based bass junkie who's made it! This video is hilarious also.

2. Cosmin TRG 'Magnetic Bodies' (Rush Hour)

One of my favourite producers right now, crazy how he has just made this transition into becoming one of the most prolific producers of house/ techno right now. This is the sort of music I would love to make, if I could! Also see 'Bijoux' on Hessle.

3. Deadboy 'Wish U Were Here' (Numbers)

A straight up bouncing house track, this epitomises everything that is great about the UK scene right now, bass/ garage producers making house music and everything amalgamating together. This works every time, tried and tested to club and festival faithfuls!

Three For the Sofa

1. Om Unit 'The Corridor' (Terrorhythm Recordings)

Ross (Throwing Snow) played this to me back at mine early Sunday morning, it's perfect 'Glass Table' music. It's basically 90bpm trance music. I love it, it's ace.

2. Burial, Four Tet & Thom Yorke 'Ego' (Text)

Three powerhouses in music as far as I'm concerned, imagine being in that studio when all this was going on, I'd of loved to have been a fly on the wall! Super tight electronic soul laid over a garage skip, and the best vocalist out there. Destined to win. I've just tried to license this for a comp I'm doing on my new label, I'm not counting my chickens, but fingers crossed.

3. Darkstar 'Gold' (Hyperdub)

This is beautiful, I believe they have just been signed to Warp. I'm not surprised at all. I could listen to this on repeat. So blissful.

One All time Favourite

Massive Attack 'Unfinished Symphony' (Wild Bunch)

Cliche, everybody’s favourite record I think! I don't care, this resonates with me now, the same as it did when I was 10 yrs old in 1991. It does something to me, brings out all those emotions of thoughts of times forgotten.

Cedric Maison plays at We Fear Silence present Circus Company Records on Saturday 3rd September.
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