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Drum and Bass legend and Exit Records head honcho D-Bridge is known for having extremely eclectic taste and drawing inspiration from many different genres. Once member of DnB super-group Bad Company, his own productions and sets have always pushed the boundaries and explored new territory. We caught up with him recently to pick his musical brain....

Three for the Floor

1.Inner City - Big Fun

Biggest opening synth line and opening lyrics in dance music.

2.Stone Roses - Fools Gold

The anthem of my youth, a perfect symbiosis of Dance music and Guitars.

3. Midnight Star - Midas Touch

Hot sexy funk to slide up to a woman and get your groove on with.

Three for the Sofa

4. Jai Paul - Jasmine

A hauntingly beautiful song full of honesty and passion.

5. Prince - How Come You Don't Call Me Anymore

The twisted nature of the piano and his falsetto voice combine to make a uneasy union that I find arresting.

6.Spacek - Getaway

My brother is a constant source of influence to me. This is an amazing modern soul song. the like of which hasn't been seen in quite some time. I love this whole LP.

Wish I Had Written

7. Stevie Wonder - As

Basically anything by Stevie Wonder, I wish I had just a fraction of his soul and ability.

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