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Watergate regular and Tsuba label boss Kevin Griffiths has been kind enough to give us his 7 Ways to Fear Silence. Tsuba has now become an outlet for some of the most underground deep house and techno around and we're lucky enough to have them down taking over Relay early next month.

Tsuba & WFS present Jordan Peak & Tazz at Relay
Friday 5th October at Relay, London

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3 tracks for the floor:

1. Mike Huckaby - 'Bassline 89' (Synth)

On the face of it this is a pretty simple groove based tune, but its done with such finesse it really stands out. Its got a rawness to it and just has the 'vibe' & is the perfect example of why i'm still in love with house music after all these years.

2. BLM - 'Shepheards Bush Steppaz' (Tsuba Limited)

Forthcoming on Tsuba's vinyl only label this is a deep vocal track from one of the UK's most under rated producers. Now he's signed up to the Secret Agency i'm sure he'll start getting the recognition he deserves.

3. Falty DL - 'Hard Courage' (Ninja Tune)

Bad ass tune that reminds me of the 90's where you'd go record shopping and hear a real cross section of tunes that fell under the umbrella of good house music. Nowadays everything is so genre specific it’s harder to do that, hence the importance of crate digging when buying new tracks.

3 tracks for the sofa:

4. The Bubble Club - 'The Goddess' (International Feel)

Timeless music thats a little bit house but more musical than anything else. There are so many layers its very hard to get bored of listening to it.

5. The Bad Plus - 'Flim' (Do The Math Records)

A modern jazz band who do their own material and some great covers, the best of which is their version of the Aphex Twin's 'Flim'.

6. Tim Love Lee - 'Go Down Dixie' - Just Call Me Lone Lee Album(Tummy Touch)

One of my all-time favourite albums, very sample heavy and hooky & like listening to a movie soundtrack from the 70's. Always puts me in a good mood when i listen to this.

1 track I wished I produced:

7. Avalanches - 'Since I Left You'.

That’s a tricky one, there are so many records I would love to have made! it’s going to have to be an album so I’ll plump for the one and only album from the Avalanches 'Since I Left You'.

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