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We recently sat down with Dubstep's hottest new group ahead of their appearance at Shogun Audio at Cable on 11th August to find out what musical taste the Manchester crew has...

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Three for the Floor

1. North Base vs. Degrees of Motion - Shine On

This is a re-work of an old school classic track from way back in the day, 1992 to be exact and this was a good year for most of us in the North Base crew as this was when we used to go out raving to clubs like Fantazia, Kinectic, Dance Planet, Quest, Starlight, Dreamscape the list is endless! On this remix we tried to keep it original but at the same time with today's Dubstep flavour. Hard Stepping beats and smashing snare mixed over a mutated stretched out twisted bass line that will get any raver ready for a North Base set! Beware as this will be our opening track down at Cable this month! I'd put ya seat belt on that's for sure lol!

2. Redlight - Basscone

One of the biggest tunes around right now! Redlight has created a dance floor monster that gets those hands in the air balling for the rewind! This one was a choice hit down at Hideout Festival & Global Gathering this year and is sure to cause mayhem down at Cable this month. Keep ya ears to the ground in our set for this one!

3. North Base - Hot Chocolate

Another one of those piano classics that just seems to work on the floor all the time! We made this tune over a year ago now and still people are asking for it. This is total hands in the air moment and that’s what we like to do down at North Base. Smiling people having a good time and dancing the night away! This track does all of that or your money back. This also will be featured in our set down at the club this month!

Three for the sofa

4. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaur - Trouble – LP

Has to be said one of the best album's to sit back and chill to at this present moment i time! I love the way how he has captured everything from dance to even chill out stuff on this album and we at the North Base HQ love to kick back with this blasting on the speaker boxes. I know you said 1 track but we just had to slip this in there as it’s so damn good! Recommended for a nice night in!

5. Bob Marley - Small Axe

True talk right here from the man like Bob! The words say it all so we need to say nothing more on this subject! Just sit back and listen for yourself True Legend R.I.P Sir Bob Marley.

6. 808 State – Pacific

A Manchester classic that has still stood time over the years. You can play this at home or even in a club you know lol [:)] Amazing strings and pads makes us just wanna get the cravat out with burgundy jacket and smoke on some tobacco in a wooden pipe! Another one to kick back and reminisce the good old days!

Wish we had written

7. Ice Cube - Today Was a Good Day

A hip hop song that everyone knows when it gets dropped in a set or down at your local pub or bar. We at North Base would have loved to have made this tune because it's absolute gem of a classic. The production on this from man like Dr Dre is next level and way ahead of its time. It's defiantly up there in the top 10 of classic Hip Hop tracks of all time. No barking from the dog, And No Smog, And Momma Cooked the breakfast with no Hog!
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