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Belgian techno master and Time to Express label boss Peter Van Hoesen will be playing a live set in Cable’s main room on Saturday 16th July for James Ruskin’s Blueprint Records party. He’s the first DJ to step up to our new 7 Ways to Fear Silence feature, where he shares three tracks to get a crowd moving, three tracks to kick back to, and - the tricky one - an all time favourite tune.

Three For The Floor

1. Marcel Fengler: Sphinx (IMF)

This is brand new, included on the first twelve inch released on Marcel Fengler's new label. As with most of Marcel's productions I find myself immediately attached to the sounds and the grittyness. This track has nice jackin' groove, it's almost housy if it were not for the urgent signal sounds sitting high up in the mix.

Appears on Berghain 05 – out 29 August

2. Samuli Kemppi: Spirit Of Elibop (Perc Trax)

Samuli has released on my own label Time To Express, so I follow most of what he puts out. This one is I think one of his best tracks ever. He's steering away from his usual approach and delivers a massively funked-up tune. It's those jazzy pads that do it for me.

2. Samuli Kemppi - Spirit Of Elibop (Original Mix) by Perc

3. Disco Nihilist: Greasy Grind (Running Back)

It does what it says on the label. It's greasy, it grinds, it's a massive slow, churning beast of a track. Proper acid business.

Three For The Sofa

1. Com Truise: Flightwave (Ghostly International)

This track comes off the Galactic Melt album. I love everything this guy does, it appeals to my eighties sensibilities in a very direct way. The album is a very clear reference to eighties synth music. However, it sounds completely fresh and contemporary, and that's quite an achievement with a template a strong as this one.

2. Roll The Dice: Live in Gothenburg

This is one of my recent discovers, thanks to Bryan from The Bunker in NYC. It's a two-track vinyl of an all-live performance, using (I'm guessing here) mostly analog gear to produce layer upon layer of hypnotic, arpeggiated sounds. Both tracks take their time to end in a heavy crescendo.

3. Kangding Ray: La Belle (Raster Noton)

It's hard to pick a favourite track off the new Kangding Ray album. My first listening experience was on headphones, and I was completely blown away by the sound design. But there is much more going on than just good design. The album is full of emotion, and that lifts it up into a category of its own.

One All Time Favourite

This is such a tricky question. It depends entirely on the mood of the day I guess. But let's see... today it's probably 'Wax And Wane' the Cocteau Twins. It's a track off their first album 'Garlands', which I think is their best work.

What do you think of Peter’s selection? Leave your comments below...
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