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'Our Circula Sound' label boss Sigha expertly balances his output on the hallowed line where immersive soundcaspes meet linear Techno rhythms. As well as heading up his own label, his musical direction has also led to a strong affiliation with Scuba's Hotflush imprint and a string of releases to suit. As Sigha will be spinning for We Fear Silence & Blueprint here at Cable on Saturday, we wanted to pin him down for an insight into his musical tastes. This is Sigha's seven reasons for fearing silence...

Three for the floor

Truss 'Beacon' (Our Circula Sound)
Forthcoming on my Our Circula Sound imprint... A gritty 303 lead track that manages to stay forward thinking and steer clear of the over used clich├ęs that often come with heavy use of that bit of kit.

MPIA3 'WTTP' (Avian Records)

This is coming out on Avian and is something I'm kicking myself for not signing myself. Absolute monster of a track. Raw pounding Acid, so so simple but perfectly mixed and arranged. Together with the flip 'Casual Welding' this is in line to become my favourite 12" for the floor this year.

Ben Sims 'New Blood' (Robert Hood Remix)
Every time I think I've been playing this one too much recently, I find myself drawing for it again. Always makes for the perfect injection of funk into a set at the right moment. I could have included almost anything by Hood in this list to be honest but this and his Phuture remix are the most recent things from him I've been playing.

Three for the sofa

Bee Mask 'Elegy For Beach Friday' LP (Spectrum Spools)
Anything off the Bee Mask LP, sublime soundscapes that always leave me feeling like I'm wandering through another world.

Desire - 'Under Your Spell' (Italian's Do It Better Records)
I'm not entirely sold on the middle section with the conversation to be totally truthful, but the chorus and refrain make this track 'spine-tinglingly' good. Music that makes me want to fall in love.

The KVB 'Never Enough' (Beko digital)
Dark and brooding, filled with longing and lyrics I wish I'd written. Perfect.

One all time favourite

I hate this question, its far too final. Music is so dependent on mood, so my favourite track changes pretty regularly. I would happily go on record and say its probably something off Loveless by My Bloody Valentine. Or maybe Something off NIN's Quiet Tracks album. Probably. If you asked me the same question tomorrow though, I'd pretty much guarantee you a different answer.

My Bloody Valentine 'Only Shallow' (Creation Records)
Seen as Sigha couldn't pick one, we selected a My Bloody Valentine tune we dig...


We Fear Silence present Blueprint with Surgeon - Saturday 26th May

Catch Sigha playing alongside Surgeon, James Ruskin, Silent Servant & Russel Haswell this Saturday at Cable.

Click here for tickets & more info
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