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Today we unleash the first of our videos which you can find on our blog – over the coming months, we’ll be filming some of our events at Cable to bring you a taster of the night and interviews from some of the DJs & producers playing. First up, we go back to May 8th for our A Bunch of Cuts vs Metalheadz night where Goldie took on Marcus Intalex and D Bridge stood tall against Commix, oh and Die bought some new trainers. Without further ado, roll VT…

To set your tongue’s wagging about our next event – A Bunch Of Cuts vs Metalheadz on May 8th, we thought we’d give you a little taster of what you missed from the last party if you didn’t happen to make it down. However, if you did make it then you’ll know what to expect – on March 13th Goldie descended on Cable with his faithful Metalheadz crew and help from some of D&B’s biggest player’s – Andy C, Ed Rush, Instra:Mental, Bailey and heaps more. Here’s the recording of the big man, Goldie’s DJ set from that very party…
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Jaded 14th March

Brazilian born S.P.Y takes a well earned break from jetting all over the world to play to packed houses and instead holes himself up in his studio to record an exclusive mix for We Fear Silence. With releases out on almost all major Drum & Bass labels this guys discog is more like a manual proving that interest in music since the tender age of 12 has most definitely paid off. Lucky enough to regularly be in the studio with fellow Brazilian Drum & Bass DJ / Producer Marky puts him firmly at the top of any must see list. Pure Listening pleasure…
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Jaded Launch Party

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