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Your Dad is a musician so you obviously grew up surrounded by music, what do you remember hearing during your childhood? Do you think that contributed to your musical direction today?

Growing up I l heard alot of reggae, rare-groove, 80's soul and pop music... and yes I think it has influenced me today, I love a big bassline or a good vocal track, got to be good though!

You regularly spin alongside Alex Cellar. What's it like playing without your partner in crime?

I really enjoy playing with Alex, cause its always a healthy competition, I put a track on he wants to do one better, and then I try to put an even better one on! Try!!! We have alot of fun playing together because we are close friends and share the same passion for the music, so always fun.

Do you any future plans for JC Freaks? (production partnership with Werner Niedermeier).

At the moment no, Werner and I dont have any plans for our JC Freaks project, we are both doing different things now.  It was kind of a special moment in time and I think we're both happy we did it and enjoy the memories and the music.

Recently we've seen an influx of female DJs gaining notoriety. In fact the girls have been giving the boys a real run for their money! What inspired you to get into such a male dominated arena and what advice would you give to other female DJs looking to break into the scene?

There have, women are smashing it these days its amazing to see. I got into djing quite naturally, had been buying 12"s for a couple years and playing them on my hi-fi stack system, and met actually some girls that had decks. Was studying back then so had a student loan and a grant I think ( those were the days) and bought some decks instead of books.  I remember my flat mate and I would just jump on them all the time and practice and practice.  Females dont have to break into the scene, the road has been paved for them....

What are you listening to right now?

Nina Simone - Feeling Good

Hows your summer shaping up?

Several parties! Berlin & Ibiza...

Anything else you want to shout about?

Keep your eyes on BROUQADE records, great stuff coming this year!

Connected at Cable - Saturday 28th April


Main Room: Davide Squillace, No Artificial Colours, Shane Watcha, Jesse James + Johnny Bloomfield, Will Taylor + Connor Benson

Room Two: Robbie Linstead, Jack Sawyer & Ben Davis, Danny Lawson, Matt Rich Steve Shorter & Ian Grimwood

Relay: Anthea, Mark Derry & Rob Cockerton, Ryan Mac, Closure DJ's, Ollie Killick
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