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For the last 27 years Richard D. James has been churning out what is believed to be the best in contemporary electronic music, being heralded as the most influential and inventive man in the game by The Guardian. Although he has had many pseudonyms over the years the one that has cause the most earth the shake has been his Aphex Twin alias, with his first full length album coming out when he was 20. That album came out back in 1992, only a year after his first EP release which came out on Mighty Force Records.

Aphex Twin has always done things a little out of the ordinary, his last project involved controlling an orchestra via remote control whilst simultaneously swinging a grand piano 40 feet across the stage. What the purpose of this is, no idea. But you can sure that a) it'll probably work and b) it'll probably be awesome, whatever it does.

The Creators Project (which is a side-project that falls under the VICE umbrella) have taken a look into the project as a brief over view, almost like a teaser/trailer of what it could be, what it might be, and that Joey Essex is a parasite on the earth (their words, not ours). As with all Aphex Twin material, it will be "out there", estranged and brilliant whilst pushing boundaries and re-drawing the lines of modern, contemporary electronic music.

Watch the video below to see what it's all about -

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