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Jack Sparrow and Ruckspin are heavyweight Dubstep on their own, but collectively we have seen them form the eclectic Author. Their self entitled debut Album received critical acclaim, showcasing the duo's abilities to not only produce dancefloor bangers but also incorporate a wide variety of genres giving their production a massive sense of depth. We caught up with the Leeds lads recently ahead of their appearance at Get Darker on August 3rd.

What attracted you to work with each other?

A similar background in musical taste and quest for great production quality. We have set up a studio in Leeds together and work everyday learning from each other and also the studio engineers. We both love the mix of electronic and live instrumentation. We get on well away from the studio also which helps, so you could say there is a synergy between us.

You can hear many different musical influences in your music including jazz and drum and bass. What did you listen to mainly when you were growing up and what would you say has influenced your music most?

We both listen to many different genres of music and always have and I guess the Author album was an end product of our listening to date. We started making Dubstep in 2005 when it was very inclusive and an expansive genre. We don't feel we have strayed too far away from these origins but rather adding to the rich variety of 140 bpm. There are a lot of trip hop, jungle, jazz and soul influences which are a result of our musical habits growing up in the 90's. We don't set out to only make music for one type of listener, we hope that anyone can find something they like.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

oooooooh! Fink, Robert Glasper, Roots Manuva, BBC symphony Orchestra, Bjork, Portishead, Massive Attack, Rhythm and Sound, Vikter Duplaix, Mark Pritchard, The Bug and Leftfield!

You're playing a few festivals this summer including Outlook and Dimensions. What's your favourite or best festival you've played at together so far? (Other than Outlook of course!)

As Author I'd say Le Guess Who festival in Utrecht. Really great vibe and the promoters and staff were great. Also Utrecht in the winter is a beautiful chocolate box type town.

We're going to be lucky enough to catch your Live show, can you tell us what to expect and how this differs from 1 of your normal sets?

The live show is a mixed bag of Sparrow, Ruckspin and Author tunes all mixed up and worked into new exciting versions. We have some new and old material to show off and we can't wait!

Following on from the above, what do you think is the appeal of live sets and do you enjoy playing these more?

The live sets are great as it is all our own material that we are playing but a DJ set is also great fun as we get to play other peoples music that we like. We have both been djing a long time and can see the pros and cons with each. Djing you can play other peoples tunes and react to the crowd and play a wider variety of music, whereas the live set is more streamlined but offers more flexibility in preparation of the music by mixing elements from different tunes with others.

You're currently putting together your second Album. What can we expect to hear on this record and are there any surprises or collaborations we're allowed to know about?

We can't say much about the forthcoming album, but we have done some great collaborations and we are putting together a vast array of different styles for it. It follows on in part with keeping the flow varied in style.

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