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Ahead of her appearance at Licked Beatz at Cable on Friday, we caught up with the Queen of Digital Soundboy to pick her musical brain, check it out...

What music were you into when you were growing up?

When I was really little my parents listened to loads of rock music. When I started to really discover music myself I liked mostly hip hop & rap & RnB music. I used to drive my parents mad with this because it was so different to their tastes. At age 12 I discovered dance music and I really had to seek it out, I’d spend all my time at music shops and records stores, buying Ministry Of Sound compilations, listening to everything I could. Then the internet came along and like it did for everyone else, it opened my mind to a whole new world of sounds.

How did you become B. Traits we can imagine there must be a good story behind it?

The name B.Traits was always a nickname for me since I was in my early teens. Back then I looked REALLY young, my friends used to say I have so many 'baby' features, baby traits. And it just became B.Traits or Baby T. Only my close friends can call me Baby T though… hahahah

How did you first find starting out in such a male dominated music industry?

I suppose at first is was a little discouraging. People would often just dismiss me without giving my DJ skills a chance. But I find being any artist, male or female, you have to work ultra hard to make it in this industry. Today it’s all about standing out and staying on top of your game. I feel that honestly, woman in the music industry are on the rise. Sure, it’s still male dominated, but there are way more woman involved now than there were 5 - 10 years ago. We are advancing, more woman are being inspired to get involved in the music industry. I only hope I can inspire more and more young women to give it a chance.
I can say that being a female definitely has its ups and downs. At times I feel like I have to absolutely fight to earn my keep and gain respect against all of the boys. But in other ways, being a female has its perks! I stand out against the 1000‘s of other male producers/djs out there.

You must get asked this question a lot but how is it working with Shy FX? What is he like as a boss?

Shy is a pretty rad boss. He makes time for every artist on the label, especially in the development process. It’s so cool to me to see how far Breakage has come along with the help and guidance of Shy. Shy’s a really great mentor, he’s a legend! he’s literally been through everything is this music industry and has such a clear vision for what Digital Soundboy is as a label. He is there through the entire process for his artists and even takes the executive producer title for almost everything that comes through Digital Soundboy.

How have you been finding being a new radio 1 DJ?

It’s very weird hearing my own voice on the radio. I’m still trying to get used to it!! Radio 1 is great! everyone there has been very friendly and welcoming. My current 'In New DJs We Trust' slot is super fun! I had never done any proper radio presenting before that and I really enjoy it! Im looking forward to joining Radio 1 properly in September with my own weekly show on Sunday nights from 2 - 4am.

You recently collaborated with the legendary Elisabeth Troy, any more collaborations in the pipeline?

Yes, definitely! but I like to keep that stuff a secret until the tunes are ready! So you will have to wait and see!

What festivals will you be at this summer? We can imagine that you will be very busy!

So far I've had a very busy Festival Schedule! PlayFest, Parklife, Lovebox, R1's Hackney Weekend, Nass… nearly every weekend. Next up this weekend is Global Gathering, which im looking forward to as we're hosting our own Digital Soundboy stage. Then its Dance Valley Festival, Relentless Boardmasters, Leeds Festival, Jersey Live Festival, Bestival and of course DSB @ Notting Hill Carnival which I suppose isn't really a festival but it has the same vibe.

What can we expect from your set at Licked Beatz at Cable?

hmm it depends on what i'm feeling when I step into that booth! probably a little bit of everything.. some house, garage, trap, probably a little jungle and loads more across the 'bass music' spectrum. I dunno, I don't really plan out what I'm going to play, I just vibe with it!
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