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You might have noticed some strange people behaving a bit oddly recently. Sneaking around late at night, creeping up behind people and... SKANKING! These strange folk are entering our Sneaky Skanking competition - each genuine entrant is guaranteed entry on the guest list to a Friday night at Cable, and the most popular entry wins a BASS BIN full of prizes. We'll be filling up the Bass Bin every week until it's bursting to the brim!

The first lot of prizes going into the Bass Bin are 5 Days of T-shirts (well - it's important to be skanking but not a skank!). We've got 1 Dub-All or Nothing T-Shirt (which gives you free entry to the night), 1 Idiosynphonic T-Shirt, 1 Ergh T-shirt, 1 Bad Taste T-shirt, plus you'll be one of the first to get your hands on a brand new Cable T-shirt - not yet even available for sale!

Need a reminder of how to enter? Check the video...

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