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For the fourth prize in our 'Bass Bin' full of prizes, we've teamed up with Mishka Clothing - a streetwear brand born out of Brooklyn New York City and inspired by the underground punk and skate scenes of the 80's as well as some heavy metal, horror and comics to boot! In Russian Mishka means 'Bear Cub', an animal the founders found to be intelligent and gentle but ready to rip your head off if angered! Nice.

Bears and horror aside, they've kindly donated 2 very cool tees, a sweatshirt, plus their trademark 'Keep Watch' beenie hat - which is currently sold out! Having a third eye on your hat should help stop you busted Sneaky Skanking...

You should know the score by now - but if not, here's how to enter. This is your LAST CHANCE TO ENTER as the competition closes on Monday 14th November.

All you need to do is film a short clip of you or your mates Sneaky Skanking behind an unsuspecting member of the public - no need to edit or cut it to music if you don't want, just a short clip on your phone of a few seconds is enough to get you in the running to win. Post the link on our Cable Official facebook page, or email it to

PLUS - all entrants will get on the guest list to their favourite Friday night at Cable. Get Sneaky, Get Skanking. For more info on how to enter go to

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