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So, just two years in the game and look at what we got this week. Ahem... drum (& bass) roll please - BEST CLUB VENUE in Time Out London's 'Best of 2011'. Oh yes! So now we have finished giving ourselves a big old pat on the back (and the hangover has died off a bit) we wanted to thank all of you who have punched the air, screamed at the top of your lungs, stuck your head in the bass bins and put up your lighters whilst partying hard as hell... light them up now for yourselves... go on. A huge thanks to all the parties that have joined us here too of course and the DJs that rock the place. Roll on the rest of 2011 - you ain't seen half of it yet... we have some huge parties on the horizon and with the most recent changes in the venue, things look set to just get better and better. Oh yeah - and thank you Time Out! Who wants another drink?

Time Out Best Club Venue 2011
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