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Up-and-coming producer Blacksmif has been on our rader for some time now. One of the reasons for such an interest in this guy is the music videos that accompany the title tracks of his releases. They are quite simply breathtaking, adding an entirely new dimension to to the deep, laid-back, groove-ridden house he's been producing as of late. This first video come from his '...And the Sun Rose Out EP' which was released on Synchronicity Records in March last year. Mary Ann Hobbs loved it, and you will too. Check the video here -

His latest release entitled 'How the Fly Saved the River' just came out on January 28th and was put out by the somewhat newly established Blah Blah Blah imprint. It's a real gem. An interesting dichotomy of house structure, syncopated garage percussion and soulful melody with emotive vocals pushing empathy through the deep, warm bass line. The top synths gently give the track that extra bit of rhythm, being prominent but never intrusive due to being carefully panned to the left. The B-side doesn't disappoint and neither does the A-side remix by Lorca. Enjoy this video as much as the last -

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