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With the release of his 5th studio album nigh, Bonobo has been steadily releasing some of the tracks as a warm-up teaser to the main event which drops on April 1st on Ninja Tune. The first track was released as a free download (if you're signed up to the newsletter) and follows on very nicely from the last record, Black Sands. 'Cirrus' was first played almost a year ago when Bonobo graced the Boiler Room decks and the track has been keeping people guessing for the better part of the year. It's an incredible piece of music, check it out here -

This morning the 2nd tasty serving was released in the form of 'Heaven for a Sinner', which see's (or hears rather) soul's High Priestess Erykah Badu who features (from what the internet tell us) regularly on the new LP. The combination of his careful, impeccable production and her deep soothing voice is the perfect accompaniment to your Monday morning. Badu's voice will calm your busy head whilst Bonobo's syncopated drums will keep you awake and the soft synths and chimes keep you from flipping out and going berserk when you realise the printer needs more toner ink.

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