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The Butterz & Hardrive boys ended their Black & Yellow tour in style at Cable on Saturday 10th November. The lineup was their most diverse to date, with The Heatwave bringing a Dancehall party to the main room as well as the godfather of UK Garage, EZ taking to the decks. Regulars Royal-T, Champion and Swindle brought down the house and there was a very special set from Terror Danjah who played everything from Grime, Funky, Garage, DnB & Jungle with D Double E, Hyper and Skibadee on mic duties. Headliner P Money was also joined by unexpected guests Kozzie and Blacks, all of which made this the best Butterz & Hardrive to date. Check out the exclusive photos from the night.

Click to watch the exclusive stream footage from the night here
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