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Dear All,

On the 1st May 2013, Network Rail took possession of Cable, forcing us to close. Over the last week, we've been inundated with kind messages of support and truly humbled by your outpouring. Now, it's your chance to get your voice heard...

The crowd at Cable were always the key factor that made us what we are. It was you who helped make every night special. We want you to be part of Cable's legacy - the lasting union between raver and club.

We want your photos, videos and your comments to help us build an image of the experiences we've shared together over the years. It could be pictures of you with friends, your prized video of a DJ smashing Cables rig, or simply a comment about what Cable meant to you.

Please send everything through to

Get Involved.

Thanks for your time.
The Cable Team x

Smashing up the dancefloor - Network Rail take possession of Cable

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