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Welcome to the second episode of Cable TV, our dedicated club feature including exclusive artist and staff interviews, clubber challenges and competitions, music from the night and much more.

This weeks episode features two Dubstep powerhouses; N Type's Wheel & Deal records clashed with SGT Pokes' Croydub for a night of authentic Dubstep showcasing some of the originators of the entire scene. We sat down with Chef & Bluesy to talk about the beginnings of the scene and setting up rigs for pirate radio, as well as grabbing a word with the legendary MC, SGT Pokes, to find out his hilarious first memory of getting on the mic and his thoughts on the current state of the scene. Not forgetting exclusive footage from the night as well as security Chris transporting us back to the good ol' days of 90s Hip Hop.

Episode 003: Shoom 25th Anniversary with Danny Rampling & Derrick May coming soon...

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