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Welcome to the third and much anticipated episode of Cable TV, our dedicated club feature including exclusive artist and staff interviews, clubber challenges and competitions, music from the night and much more.

This weeks episode features Danny Rampling's legendary Shoom, which was celebrating it's 25th Anniversary at Cable over 2 massive nights on the 8th / 9th December. We sat down with Danny to find out the beginning of the rave scene in the UK and how Shoom was largely responsible for bringing House music to the masses in the late 80's and early 90's. We also grabbed a word with one of the founding fathers of Techno, the legend that is Derrick May, as well as Space resident Mat Playford. There's also some interesting insights from some of the original ravers to see how much they could actually remember of the "good ol' days" and of course we caught up with Security Chris to find out what's coming up.

Full Interviews and bonus material from the night coming soon...

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