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Welcome to the sixth episode of Cable TV, our dedicated club feature including exclusive footage from the evening, in-depth artist interviews and an insight into behind the scenes at Cable London.

This week's episode features 2013's international Breakbeat Awards, as Breakspoll took over all 3 rooms at Cable. We sat down with the eccentric master of ceremonies, the one and only High Rankin, to find out his surprising musical background and what's in store for him this year. Also on the couch were Breakbeat veterans and legends, the Dub Pistols, who divulge the hilarious story of how they got signed and a certain mix up with Rodney P. Our new presenter, Vivek, also puts the punters through their paces with an insight into the new craze in the breakbeat sceneā€¦ the very made up "Shed Music".

Full Interviews and bonus material from the night coming soon, including more outtakes from Vivek.

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