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Welcome to the fifth episode of Cable TV, our dedicated club feature including exclusive footage from the evening, in-depth artist interviews and an insight into behind the scenes at Cable London.

This week's episode features One of the UK's best known and loved nights, as the mighty Renegade Hardware celebrated 18 years in the game on Saturday 9th February. A champion of the Drum and Bass scene from the golden era of the 90s, Renegade are now revered and respected by fellow peers and have earned a reputation of always pushing forward-thinking Drum and Bass. We sat down with original Renegade legends Loxy and Jayce (Ink) to find out their beginnings in the scene and why Renegade has stood the test of time, as well as one of the true pioneers of the UK House and techno scene Mr Colin Dale gracing the Cable couch.

Full Interviews and bonus material from the night coming soon. Watch out for the much anticipated arrival of Cable's newest member of staff...JULIUS!

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Renegade Hardware with Maztek, BTK, Tech Itch & more
Saturday 6th April at Cable, London

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