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The Hemp Trading Company has teamed up with Cable to deliver a run of custom-designed t-shirts which will be available in time for christmas on our web store and theirs as well.

Established in 1999, inspired by the heartbeat of urban culture and environmental activism, THTC has fast become one of the most one of the most sought-after garment producers in the urbanist scene. As the name suggests, all garments in the range are organic and built using either hemp/organic cotton blends or carbon neutral organic cotton.

As well as being a founding member of the Ethical Fashion Forum they were also runners up in the Observer Ethical Awards in 2006 and the Re:Fashion Awards in 2008. Their garments are worn by people such as Placebo, Foreign Beggars, Nathan 'Flutebox' Lee, Trojan Sound System and Zion I to name but a handful.

The Amen Break is regarded in the urbanist scence as one of the most important 5.2 seconds of music ever created, given its influence and heavy usage as a sample in jungle, breaks, DnB, hip-hop and other genres. It inspired several entire subcultures. The man responsible for the 5.2 second drum solo is G.C. Coleman who was the drummer for the band The Winstons way back in the 1960's. The funk and soul outfit released the track in 1969 and the sample is part of the track 'Amen Brother' although the full song is an up-tempo rendition of 'Amen', originally written by Jester Hairston. Neither the drummer nor the copy write owner ever received any royalties for this 4-beat sample, and they never request any either. It's fair to say the path of modern music was somewhat carved with this loop. Hats off.

We will be be doing a run of 100 prints in two colour ways - 50 gold on black and 50 silver on navy blue, they will be available for both women in various sizes. Keep your eyes peeled for when they go on sale. Check out more THTC produce here.
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