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Jaded’s high priest is Raymundo Rodriguez. From his sets, you can expect a passion for new and obscure music, a disregard for conventions, a playful teasing of energy and mood, moments of complete immersion and an impeccable mixing style. A cult hero to many Londoners, Jaded’s most popular mornings are those where he elects to play a rare 5 hours in the Cable's main room.

Originally founded by Raymundo's partner in crime Krista, Jaded is London’s beloved after hours movement and spawned from a yearning for an early morning escape for DJs and club workers alike. Appearing every Sunday at legendary london venue The End since 2006, before finding it's spiritual home here at Cable in 2010, Jaded has forged a culture and feeling born of London that is spiralling into the night-time and beyond.

For the best part of a decade Raymundo has stepped out with the premier DJs the world has to offer and held his own. Couple with this, guest appearances across the continent and we have an artist who fits the mould for the Cablecast perfectly; inspirational, wicked on the decks and 'Cable through and through'. We caught it with Ray for quick chat, check it out...

Jaded is an integral part of the Cable family so as co-promoter alongside Krista and resident DJ, you're part of the furniture here. We're also approaching the 3rd anniversary of your journey here at Cable… It's flown by for us! How has it been for you?

Cable has been amazing for Jaded, it is personally one of the best clubs i have had the pleasure of playing at, so it is even more rewarding inviting acts that we admire to come and experience it for themselves.

What are you tips for surviving the after-hours push on? Pace yourself or stay in and get up at 5am?

It's definitely all about pacing yourself, and you are usually rewarded with some very inspiring sounds if you make it all the way through to 1 o'clock on Sunday afternoon.

Where, how and on what was the mix recorded?

This mix was recorded at home on CDJs

What was the idea behind the mix? Did you think about your experiences here at cable when you were planning for it?

The idea behind the mix was to give a snapshot into the sounds i am into, and what you will be more than likely hear me play at Jaded on any given Sunday.

Catch Raymundo every Sunday for Jaded at Cable.

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