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Right place, right time. It's an old cliché, but it's one that's been the definition of New York house legend Dennis Ferrer's musical career. Just as the dance music world was heading into the world of afro-centric house, Ferrer was there. And then, when it began to embrace the mix of tech and soul, Ferrer was there again, leading the way with his impeccable productions. And as a protege of Kerri Chandler, it makes complete sense that Ferrer's current sound lies firmly in the deep house realm laid out by his old teacher years earlier.

Ferrer has brought that anything goes approach to his newest venture, Objektivity. Low slung and deep, Objektivity is a cutting-edge label in touch with its time, putting a uniquely American spin on the deep house revival that is currently making waves in Europe. And with releases from the likes of the young phenoms the Martinez Brothers (who are going from strength to strength) and classic New York house heads like Timmy Regisford and Quentin Harris, it's obvious that Ferrer doesn't regard the label as a vanity project. Objektivity is a living, breathing thing - one that's set to drop bombs on the dancefloor for years to come.

So it's with great pleasure that the 6th Cablecast comes from Ferrer himself. With his Objektivity London showcase ready to drop here at Cable on 11th May, it's perfect timing for you to experience this legend at work. Enjoy!

This mix was recorded live from Miami. Talk us through the equipment you use to perform on?

I can recall that it was done on 2 Pioneer CDJ-2000's , A Pioneer DJ-900M Nexus Mixer and my Macbook Pro with Traktor Scratch Pro2 software. I use USB sticks in the cdj's that contain .wav controller files for controlling Traktor via the cdj's. I also have these USB sticks as a backup with a few months worth of songs just in case my laptop crashes. The show can continue on with hopefully not a hitch.

If travelling constraints and venue specifications weren't an obstacle, What would your ideal gig set up be?

On a beach in Aruba with a killer Funktion One sound system and with a manageable 1,000 people losing their minds dancing and cheering to the likes of us. No fashion statements...No fancy clothes or sneakers on...just a shorts and flip flops or bikini's and flip flops code allowed.

You travel all over the globe to perform, is there anywhere in the world that you would say is your favourite place to play, and why?

I've been asked this countless times and i used to say all these exotic countries and what not. But honestly NYC is my favourite place to play...why? Because it is my is where I got my heart and pain and pride. When you rock it out there and see all the familiar faces and industry people that have been coming out for years smiling and having a good know you've been accepted. Acceptance after all is what we're all after right? That is part of the prize in life as money isn't all it's cracked up to be some times.

Your Objektivity imprint seems to have a real family vibe about it. Releases from people close to home in New York such as The Martinez Brothers and Andre Hommen. How did it all start?

I very much keep to myself. Sort of a loner I'm So on the odd occasion that I do let people in I tend to keep them close. You become part of my extended family. It's a natural progression. So usually if you're in anything having to do with objektivity it's usually because I really like you. We keep it tight and a bit exclusive.

Has it taken the musical direction you expected it would? What's in store for us in the future release wise?

I've never had an intentionally particular musical direction when it came to Objektivity except that i wanted our records to always be different than what's always going on. To walk that fine edge between being current and too ahead of the curve. It's always just been if I like it and it fits with what's going on in my head and somehow in our scene then yeah! what the hell let's do it. I could sit here and come up with some asinine "the spirits speak to me kind of thing" but honestly it's more of a floating butterfly effect.

The sound of house music is forever changing, you are a prime example of how to stay relevant in today’s rapidly evolving scene. It seems like you have made the transition from your roots in soulful house to accommodate a more current deep sound. Have you enjoyed this journey, and where do you see the state of house music 10 years from now?

This is not the first time i've done this nor will it be the last. Before my soulful house roots I had techno roots with Damon Wild and Synewave. I live order to continue living it one must evolve. Just because you get older doesn't mean the front door to the club does also. It's a challenge to keep on trying to reinvent but that's what makes life fun and interesting. People will always need dance music in some shape or form. Where will it be 10 years from now on? Who knows...but I can guarantee you that i'll be there still trying to be relevant. lol.

We're very pleased to have the London leg of your Objektivity tour here at Cable. It's a great collection of artists, together, under one roof. How do you see the night unfolding?

I've long ago stopped trying to be Nostradamus and offering predictions. LOL. I just know...I'm going to have act like I love life...because you only get one shot at it. I'll bring the music bring the open mind and somewhere in the middle we'll connect and lose track of time for a while.

What can we expect from your performance? How much preparation goes into your DJ gigs?

I totally fly by the seat of my pants. That's what dj'ing is all about no? What's the fun in a prepped set? That's cheating on the exam! You look at the crowd...and you either guess right or you guess wrong. Guess wrong too many times and you suck....guess right the majority of the times and you're a hero. I don't like falling into the suck region too many's not fun. LOL.

Anything else we should know about on the horizon? Any special collaborations?

The only thing you should that i'm not going anywhere any time


Objektivity London Showcase // Saturday 11th May // Cable, London

DJs: Dennis Ferrer, Sis, Julian Perez, Andre Hommen, Jack Fell Down

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The continued rise of Alan Fitzpatrick is the biggest story in UK techno right now. Having enjoyed a rapid ascent since his emergence as the new kid on the techno block in the latter half of 2009, Fitzpatrick now enjoys a status as a highly respected and in-demand producer. His first album, "Shadows in the Dark", released on Adam Beyer's globally renowned imprint, Drumcode, demonstrating his ability to mix pounding techno with more lush, melodic sounds. From that moment he was hotly tipped by some of the biggest names in the game, including Carl Cox, Dubfire, Len Faki, and of course Adam Beyer.

At Drumcode, Alan has found a natural home, and this partnership is definitely proving to be a successful one, releasing three chart topping EP's in Static, Face of Rejection and Insurgent Series. His abilities in the studio have not gone unnoticed, with the likes of Digweed, Joey Beltram and Nick Muir demanding his services.

His style of immersive Techno has led to a ram packed gig diary worldwide, mixing it with the very best in the scene. A regular at the legendary Jaded After Hours, it only seemed right that Alan would be announced as their new resident.

Where, how and on what was the mix recorded?

This mix was recorded in my new studio which is built in a converted garage at the back of my house. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you will have no doubt seen the pictures of me building the studio! I Tech list for this mix included 3 CDJ2000’s an Allen & Heath Xone 92 mixer and a Red Sound sampler.

What are your past experiences of Cable and in particular Jaded's Sunday morning affairs?

Thinking about it I have only been to Cable for Jaded. I have played 3 times before and been twice for just for a dance after the annual Drumcode warehouse parties on London. In true after party style I can’t say too much about my past experiences as either I can’t remember or its way too classified for an interview but I can confirm for anyone with any doubts that it is the messiest dancefloor in London and a really great club with super sound.

Did you think about these when you performed the mix?

Yeah, for sure. I love the vibe at Jaded and I love playing on the system at Cable. This is why I was so excited to be offered a residency for 2013 and my memories of being at the events was certainly foremost in my mind when I did the mix. I wanted to make an hour long snapshot of what an Alan Fitzpatrick Jaded set will be like so it starts off deep and on the after hours to and build up to more peak time stuff.

You'll be performing for 5 hours (or maybe longer) at Jaded on sunday morning. What can we expect?

It will definitely be a bit of a journey. One of my favorite parts of the past Jaded sessions has been the first hour or so when everyone is just getting into it, whether they have been to another club already or just arrived direct from their beds. It gives me a chance to play deeper, more left-of-centre tracks that I hardly ever get to play in a club. I will of course play a more familiar Alan Fitzpatrick style once my set starts to peak and then I have a few new bits and special tracks lined up for the end too.

Anything else coming up that we should know about?

Well, Im off on holiday next week for 10 days! When I get back I shall be gearing up for lots more touring including a trip to Colombia before WMC in Miami where I will be playing at the Drumcode showcase. Music wise I have three new remixes that are about to be released, with a remix of Renato Cohen’s classic ‘Pontape’ and Ben Sim’s ‘Riots in London’ for Drumcode and a remix of the new Adam Beyer track ‘Take Me Away’ for Drumcode’s sister label, Truesoul.

Catch Alan this Sunday at Jaded After Hours

Jaded at Cable / Sunday 10th February / 5am - 1pm

DJs: Alan Fitzpatrick (5 Hour Set), Raymundo Rodriguez + Special Guests

Click here for more event info


Jaded’s high priest is Raymundo Rodriguez. From his sets, you can expect a passion for new and obscure music, a disregard for conventions, a playful teasing of energy and mood, moments of complete immersion and an impeccable mixing style. A cult hero to many Londoners, Jaded’s most popular mornings are those where he elects to play a rare 5 hours in the Cable's main room.

Originally founded by Raymundo's partner in crime Krista, Jaded is London’s beloved after hours movement and spawned from a yearning for an early morning escape for DJs and club workers alike. Appearing every Sunday at legendary london venue The End since 2006, before finding it's spiritual home here at Cable in 2010, Jaded has forged a culture and feeling born of London that is spiralling into the night-time and beyond.

For the best part of a decade Raymundo has stepped out with the premier DJs the world has to offer and held his own. Couple with this, guest appearances across the continent and we have an artist who fits the mould for the Cablecast perfectly; inspirational, wicked on the decks and 'Cable through and through'. We caught it with Ray for quick chat, check it out...

Jaded is an integral part of the Cable family so as co-promoter alongside Krista and resident DJ, you're part of the furniture here. We're also approaching the 3rd anniversary of your journey here at Cable… It's flown by for us! How has it been for you?

Cable has been amazing for Jaded, it is personally one of the best clubs i have had the pleasure of playing at, so it is even more rewarding inviting acts that we admire to come and experience it for themselves.

What are you tips for surviving the after-hours push on? Pace yourself or stay in and get up at 5am?

It's definitely all about pacing yourself, and you are usually rewarded with some very inspiring sounds if you make it all the way through to 1 o'clock on Sunday afternoon.

Where, how and on what was the mix recorded?

This mix was recorded at home on CDJs

What was the idea behind the mix? Did you think about your experiences here at cable when you were planning for it?

The idea behind the mix was to give a snapshot into the sounds i am into, and what you will be more than likely hear me play at Jaded on any given Sunday.

Catch Raymundo every Sunday for Jaded at Cable.

Next Jaded:

Jaded with Unai Trotti & Javier Carballo
Sunday 20th January at Cable, London

Click here for more event info / tickets

Cablecast 003: BUSHWACKA! - Live from Shoom

Well they say it's third time lucky and we're sure we've hit the jackpot! Episode 3 of the Cablecast series features one half of the highly regarded british duo Layo & Bushwacka!. Bushwacka! aka Matthew B, known to his pals as Matt Benjamin, cut his teeth as resident DJ at legendary London club The End and was releasing wax as early as '95 on his own Plank Records imprint. But it was his hook up with The End's co-owner Layo Paskin in the late 90's that really kicked things off for the pair. After a slew of revered releases on several high profile labels such as XL and The End's own 'End Recordings', the duo produced one of the best known house records ever - 'Love Story' back in 2002.

Earlier this year Matt & Layo called curtains on their partnership after the release of their stunning “most grown-up” and “most electronic” LP - 'Rising and Falling', and they will play out their remaining gigs early in 2013. This year also saw Matt unleash his solo project Just Be. Already boasting releases on Crosstown and Get Physical, his sound is certainly on point, harvesting his Acid House influences, dance floor understanding and production prowess.

His year culminated with a highly anticipated appearance at Danny Rampling's infamous Shoom rave which took place here at Cable. The 25th Anniversary of this epic scene-shaping party saw over 1500 people descend upon London Bridge just a stones throw from where the original 1987 gatherings first took place. Bushwacka! performed a peak time set encompassing an evocative and nostalgic sound track, drawing on the strong acid influences that have inspired his career thus far. This podcast is an exclusive recording of his performance at Shoom 25 on Saturday 8th December at Cable. This is RARE!

This mix was recorded live from Cable at Shoom's 25th Anniversary rave. What kit did you use for the performance? I'm sure we can hear some vinyl 'crackles' in there!

I ended up playing with CDJ2000s using tracks from my memory stick. I also copied tracks across from my laptop on the fly. I was intending to use the laptop, Traktor with vinyl, FX etc. but Danny had his computer set up already and I didn't want to complicate the setup so that the changeover would be nice and smooth. I spent a lot of time recording my vinyl and using mastering software to level and EQ a few of them. So yes there are proper 'crackles' in there! On top of that I made 3 brand new edits/remixes of old tracks just for Shoom, and I also played two or three edits I had made previously - exclusives. I only played two new tracks throughout the set - one of my own that will be coming out on Crosstown Rebels next summer as Just Be - "Don't Make Me Wait For You". There's also a rework of Kevin Saunderson’s “The Sound” at the end of my set.

You treated us to a generous helping of acid and there's some 'proper' electro tracks in thrown in too. Tell us how you approached things differently with it being a Shoom gig?

Well firstly, to have been asked to do this gig was such a huge honour. I spent all week going through music. Ironically 95% of my record collection is in storage at the moment but luckily I had a good selection at home as, earlier in the year, I had put on a night called 'The Roots' which was a vinyl only, acid house thing. When I found out my set time I was incredibly excited and nervous as Danny was a long time hero of mine and Shoom was so special! I had considered playing quite a lot more newer music, but when the night came I just played what felt right. I love the old music - it is my upbringing, my roots, and I am very familiar with it. I was playing it all the time so much back in the day. But it was great doing the edits - they brought more magic to the set for me.

It was a pleasure having you down to spin, how was it for you?

It was fantastic!! I enjoyed every second of it. I didn’t stop smiling, before, during, and after and the crowd response was phenomenal... I will never forget the party. Such wonderful people all enjoying themselves to the max.

What are your past experiences of Cable? Did you think about those when you were planning for the set?

Actually, I have played in that room a few times for Jaded and I played there the week before Shoom for the Cocoon after hours as a surprise guest, and that was also amazing. I played 7-10 am to a packed room, playing harder but deep and tribal and house too, but really keeping it pretty techno - and it went off!! I had loads of people coming up asking me where I bought my music from - it was special. I didn’t think about those experiences when I planned my set though, when I play I have no idea what order I am going to play tunes in - the planning ended at the music selection.

Any Bushwacka! releases on the horizon we should know about?

‘Just Be’ is my new solo project and this is where all the new music is being released. I have a new single called "After The Storm" on Get Physical coming out in Jan. That will be with a video made by Luke Bradford at Frogspawn Creative that is really special so this is a big release for me. I also have new singles on Crosstown Rebels and Maison D'etre lined up, and remixes on all three labels all due in the new year too, along with plenty of other 'work in progress' projects. It's exciting times!

It's time for Cablecast round two so we felt the need to draft in a true british heavyweight, step up James Ruskin. The Blueprint Records guv'nor is a man firmly embedded in electronic music and has been an integral contributor to the ever changing face of techno since the mid nineties.

Ruskin's legendary Blueprint imprint sprung onto the scene back in 1996 and had an immediate effect at a time when an influx of new artists was in dire need. Early releases included material from Ruskin & label partner Richard Polson (RIP) as 'Outline', Ruskin's debut minimalist album 'Further Design', collaborations with another British techno mainstay Surgeon, as well as Oliver Ho's inaugural release. Not only has Ruskin pushed forward-facing techno through his own label, his productions have also rightfully earned their place on highly regarded labels such as Ostgut Ton, Dynamic Tension and most notably Tresor, who released his 2011 LP 'The Dash' and ten years earlier his seminal 'Into Submission' full lengther.

Ruskin has released a plethora of high grade techno cuts under his own name but he's also been an integral part of several other scene shaping outfits such as the aforementioned 'Outline' moniker in the late nineties. Most recently, his work with Mark Broom has been released as 'The Fear Ratio' and his acclaimed partnership with Sandwell District boss Karl O'Connor has produced epic results as O/V/R (including a live show of the same name). Evidently, James Ruskin's involvement in techno invariably results in quality music with substance and character.

Of course a highlight of the Cable calendar is the Blueprint residency here. Over the past 2 years it's played host to anyone worth their salt on the world techno stage, culminating in a Jeff Mills performance here back in August. It's fitting, then, that Mr. Ruskin's DJ performance from the gig will be released as Cablecast: 002. We caught up with the man for a quick fire interview detailing his vision for the set.

Where, how and on what was the mix recorded?

The mix is a section of the 4 hour set I played at the Blueprint present Jeff Mills night at Cable back in August.

What are your past experiences of Cable? 

We've been holding the Blueprint parties there for a couple of years now and every one has been really special. For me the space is perfect for creating an atmosphere that works with the music we create.

What was the idea behind the performance? Did you approach things differently?

The Idea was for this night was to use the first 4 hours to build and create the right feel for Jeff to take over for the second half. It was certainly a different approach to my usual sets at our nights as I was playing from the opening. The use of extended sets gives you much more scope to move things forward at a different pace.

Any Blueprint releases coming up that we should know about? Any special collaborations?

There is a Ruskin & Broom 12 that was released last week, then following that we have another Lakker E.P which will be released late October.

So you're next at Cable for Blueprint on November 17th? What can we expect? Tell us about Robert Hood's new live show. 

Expect Quality Techno and a great crowd! I have seen Robert's live show several times over the summer at festivals, and the energy that he creates is amazing, so it's a real pleasure for us to have him play.


Saturday 17th November at Cable // 10pm - 6am

Acts: Robert Hood - Live, James Ruskin, Mark Broom, The Fear Ratio.

Click here for more info / tickets


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