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We caught up with Max Bacharach aka MB, founder and resident DJ at Genre-spanning London boutique party Colony, for a quick chat ahead of their room host at Blueprint Records on Saturday.

Tell us about the musical direction behind your Colony parties. It's obvious you like to showcase a broad range of electronic music with bookings such as Rockwell, Ben UFO, Peverelist and instra:mental.

Yeah, the whole idea with our party is it's not tied to any particular genre. Techno is the basis, I guess, but we have a passion for all kinds of club (and non-club) musics, and see it as a positive and constructive venture to draw lines between (some of) these on any given night. There's no high concept at play, just a lot of love for a lot of different things! It's been like this since day one and will, we hope, remain that way for a good while yet...

You selected Blackest Ever Black duo RAIME as your guest act for Saturdays Blueprint Records party at Cable. Explain.

In the space of only a handful of releases, Raime have made a very powerful and unique statement with their music. They also have a scary record collection. We've been hoping to book them for a while now, and, what with Regis (a fellow Blackest Ever Black label artist) playing live in Room 1, this seemed like a perfect opportunity.

How did your relationship with James Ruskin and Blueprint Records come about?

We're obviously big fans of James and Blueprint, and have been following the label closely since its re-arrival a few years back. We were very kindly - and unexpectedly - asked to host room 2 for last March's bash and have been in touch ever since.

You've previously hosted Cable's Room 2 for Blueprint Records. What are your past experiences of Cable? Are you looking forward to Saturday?

Cable's a wicked club with great sound and a serious heads down, locked in vibe, so we're hyped about what's going to be a bonkers atmosphere on Saturday. We've had great fun at previous Blueprints, and this is shaping up to be the best one yet, with a scary amount of British talent in the house. 'Nuff said.

You have a strong crew of residents at Colony with yourself, CB and Tengui. What can we expect from your performance? Will it be a backtoback showdown?!

Yep, there will indeed be b2b action, with myself and CB going head to head in the vane of our mix for you guys (featuring tracks from all of the artists playing on the night). We tend to slalom between 4/4 and breakbeat flavours, keeping things dark, trippy and bass-heavy, with occasional flashes of old skool carnage. Tengui will be on a much slower, dronier tip, moving from pure ambience into chugging techno and electronica. Between us, we try to rep the music we believe in as faithfully and consistently as possible, and Saturday will be no different.

Colony will be four years young next year. What's the secret to your success? Any arguments in the Colony?

There's absolutely no secret to our success, to be honest. We just do what we believe in and try to be as uncompromising as possible. It's been extremely tough at times, but we keep going because Colony means everything to us. That people value and appreciate what we do is amazing, and something we would never take for granted.

Anything you want to shout about?

Shouts go to James and all at Blueprint/WFS for hooking this up, and the Raime boys for kindly agreeing to drag some rekkids down for our listening/dancing pleasure. Big ups all round.

Catch the Colony DJs MB, CB & Tengui hosting Room 2 at the forthcoming Blueprint Records party at Cable. Follow the link below for full event info & tickets;
We Fear Silence present Blueprint Records at Cable - Saturday 3rd March
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