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Put a load of comedians inside a nightclub and what do you get? Echoes. Bet your glad I’m not in charge of the comedy programming then? Reality is, Cable’s Laughing Boy nights are perhaps some of the most intimate in London – a place for comedians, big and emerging, to try out new material. We’ve got that raw, underground feel, but without the connoisseur attitude that feigns a majority of audience’s away from enjoying live comedy.

A year on from Laughing Boy’s first takeover, and we’ve had the likes of Alan Carr and John Richardson both join us for secret unannounced slots – and alongside those, Marcus Brigstocke, Phil Jupitus, Kevin Bridges and Adam Hills.

This month, Laughing Boy are back – this time with an array of rising star talent. Headlining, we’ve got Stand Up For The Week regular, Josh Widdecombe, while Dublin comedian and local favourite, Rory O’Hanlon, is also along for the ride.

You come, they tell jokes, you laugh, and everything is simple for the rest of eternity.

Laughing Boy Comedy Club with Josh Widdicombe & Rory O'Hanlon
Thursday 28th February at Cable, London at Relay, London

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21st February 2013
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