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With an approach to production that’s all encompassing Cutline make big room tunes that slot neatly between the pigeon holes of electro, dubstep and drum & bass. As well as churning out fat basslines, they run the NSFW (Not Safe For Work) label,and will be hosting Room 2 at this Friday’s Idiosynphonic party. We cornered them for a mix and asked them some probing questions...

What is your NSFW label planning for the near future?

We've got an immense four track D&B and dubstep EP from Medics which we're going to release in September. The lead track 'Supersonic' is a big dance floor D&B number with a great vocal, and 'Mind Your Own Business' is heavy dubstep cut that's been smashing it up in our sets (you can hear it on our recent UKF podcast).

Following that will be a single from ourselves 'Shrink Wrap' and 'Error 7381', that'll probably come out in October, or perhaps September if we can push it through quickly. Then we have a single from High Rankin and after that we've got some exciting new acts to start working on.
Who would you like to release on the label?

All of the producers we're already working with! We're fortunate enough to have found some of the hottest up and coming talent around and we're especially excited about what the future holds for them. We'd also like to work with David Essex, he's a great hero of ours.

Ketchup or Brown Sauce?

Jeryl has a massive aversion to any kind of condiment. He wouldn't have either, though he thinks mayo is the worst of the lot!

Nike or Addidas?

Wow, are you kidding? This is like Sophie's choice! I don't think our wardrobes would feel complete without either. Jeryl had a midlife crisis not long ago and spent a bunch of money on some Star Wars Adidas and a new pair of Air Max 90s. Danny prefers Nike for trainers though as he has incredibly wide feet... they're like flippers!

Who is your favourite producer at the moment?

We're really into these guys called Cutline. They're really handsome and just generally pretty awesome. Really though, just check out our mixes, we're loving so much of the music that's around right now it would be impossible to choose just one producer!

Who would you most like to do a B2B set with living or dead?

Cutline b2b Andy C b2b Friction b2b Skream & Benga with Skibba, GQ, Bassman and RIP Stevie Hyper D on the mic.

If Idiosynphonic had an unlimited budget and could set up a dream line up, who would you like on there?

Cutline with U2 supporting in the main room, Micky Finn & Aphrodite hosting an Urban Takeover circa 1996-1997 arena in room two and Stevie Wonder with his world famous knife throwing act entertaining the queue on the way in.

Cutline will be playing in Room Two of Idiosynphonic Friday 5th August.
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