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You'd be somewhat forgiven if you've lost touch with the goings on of the most famous electronic music producers to date. Undoubtably the biggest news over the weekend was that the infamous french duo who haven't released a Daft Punk album since 2005 (we don't count the Tron: Legacy Soundtrack) have dropped EMI and signed with Columbia Records, with a new album to be released around late spring/early summer.

The speculation started when they were rumoured to be doing 4 major festivals this summer, one of which was meant to be Coachella but that line-up is out and they are not there. Yours truly is still holding out for a Glastonbury appearance as a friend bought me a ticket much against my will and knowledge, but this would make it all better. With an album set to come out on the brink of festival season open day you have to wonder if it would be possible to drop one of the most eagerly anticipated albums in the last decade and NOT play a major festival.

Apart from a small cameo at a Phoenix gig a few years ago the duo haven't performed since their Alive Tour. I have bitter feelings about that. I had my ticket, I had my flights booked. I had it all, except any means of getting to the airport after a few bus and train cancellations. Needless to say that Oxegen line up was UNREAL that year and I was meant to see that show. If you can tell, I'm still a little bitter about it.

Clash Magazine have done a wee article about it, check it out here.

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Daft who?
28th January 2013
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