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Today, the digital phenomenon that is MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) enters its 4th decade of life. After 30 years the technology is still as relevant as ever. In fact, the only recorded complaint of MIDI was made by it's creator Dave Smith, because he didn't patent the idea and therefore has received no money for his invention, ever. There's definitely a lesson to be learned for all you budding inventors.

The impact that MIDI had on the process of recording music changed the landscape of the business and now every studio in the ENTIRE WORLD will be rigged up to accommodate MIDI as standard, as well as catering to live recording methods of course.

The above image is the first ever MIDI synth made by Mr Smith, a Prophet-600, which was the first synth to be made to his specifications and it is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Nowadays there are synth enthusiasts who collect the toys in their hundreds, from the stunning (like the Prophet-600), to the ugly. The Roland TR303 is possibly the most important synth ever built, as it was responsible for the 'squelch' sound that started the acid house movement in the 80's.

If that's not a claim to fame, we don't know what is. Read how MIDI change the world of music production here.

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