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Get Darker's Lee Taylor aka dubstep pioneer Darkside is a man with many strings to his bow. As the founder of one of the leading dubstep communities out there;, boss of the label which shares the same name and the host of his own RinseFM show for the best part of a decade, it's safe to say Mr. Taylor is quite the entrepreneur. He's also a nifty DJ too as we found out in this Q&A.

Let’s roll things back. When did your love for Dubstep flourish?

It was a direct progression from UK Garage around 2003, loads of friends (many of whom are leading Dubstep artists now) were in a similar position in exploring this darker side (no pun intended) of Garage (for example Wookie). In the very early stages I held an interest in Grime and Dubstep and landed a radio show on Rinse FM which was a mix between Grime & Dubstep. I guess its probably safe to admit I soon became obsessed with this genre we label 'Dubstep'. has been instrumental in the development of Dubstep, especially in London, tell us about how it all started.

Back in 2002, I started a website – which was split between Grime and Dubstep. This website proved very successful, which was also nominated 7th place at the UK Sidewinder Awards in 2004. Then in October 2006, we re-branded the site to which is 100% Dubstep focused.
You now have a portfolio of musical mediums; the website, record label, compilations, TV shows and regular raves. How do you manage to juggle, GetDarker Recordings, GetDarker TV and This Is Dubstep! How hands on are you?

It is difficult I must admit; I'm at the TV studio every Tuesday for our broadcast, manage the label entirely, decide on and mix the tracks for This Is Dubstep compilations, but fortunately we have a strong and loyal team in assisting in TV schedule & promotion, and of course the events at Cable.
What has been the highlight of the whole GetDarker and This Is Dubstep progression?

These two are very separate projects.  A highlight of GetDarker has got to be GetDarkerTV.  I held down a radio show for 5 years on Rinse FM, and after huge dedication and effort (including building their website, running the first ever stream from my bedroom for two years); I left to start our TV project, which at the time was a bold move (no one wants to leave Rinse!) but to see how GetDarkerTV has thrived is a huge highlight, and the opportunity its given many artists is key to this. 
This Is Dubstep has many highlights, from Worldwide shows, and being able to put a compilation together that consists of a commercial dancerfloor tune, to then force the listener to listen to what we call 'roots/or deep' dubstep is a key part of ensuring the younger generation know what Dubstep actually is and where it come from.
Dubstep has grown massively in the last few years and the interest in Grime is re-emerging alongside, what are your thoughts on the recent developments in the scene?

Hard question! But a valid one! Of course the term 'dubstep' has exploded; but from my experience from my 5 years on Rinse FM, the grime & dubstep crowd often remained separate - and as grime slowed down; the followers either progressed into 'house & funky, or even baseline' or perhaps took more of an interest in dubstep; and as funky/baseline aren't thriving as they were, the focus on grime has certainly increased; with a very high standard of music coming from it.
You’ve been around for a long time now, any crazy stories you care to divulge?

Are you suggesting I'm a veteran in this game then!? Ha! I have plenty of stories; many of which are very unsuitable for this Q & A, but a good story I can share is all revealed on Episode #100 of GetDarkerTV...

GetDarkerTV Episode 100

Why do you keep coming back to Cable?

There's a number of vital reasons. It's common knowledge now-a-days that any club in London will take on any random 'dubstep' event, its the trend as they say. But our events aren't a random event; they are a vital part to the stance of this genre, and Cable as a venue holds huge credibility - so they are both very well suited. Also I have to mention Cable's sound engineer - Gideon!
Favorite ever gig?

This is a tough one, trying to pin point one main highlight over the years - but one of my favorite gigs was pretty recent, January this year, we did a GetDarker party in Los Angeles inc Me, Benga, Katy B and DJ Craze - a huge sold out venue (The Observatory).

This Is Dubstep Album Launch - L.A.

What's next in the GetDarker saga?

We kicked off this year with huge momentum, our latest compilation (This Is Dubstep 2012) charted in the UK Top 10, and our launch party at Cable was full capacity (February).  Following on from that we're hosting an arena at a festival in Holland in June,  and also hosting a stage at Nass Festival for the 3rd year running in July.  Then September we're hosting a stage and also another boat party at Outlook Festival, which guarantee's to be a big weekend!

GetDarker - This Is Dubstep
Sunday 8th April at Cable

DJs: True Tiger, Hatcha, DJ EZ & MC Viper, Tunnidge b2b Cyrus, Funtcase, Stinkahbell, Darkside & DJ Madd, Hijak, J Kenzo, Lost b2b Eddie K, Alley Cat

MCs: Crazy D Juakali, Viper, LX One

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