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As a special push by Google to get their Google Hangouts program into the psyche of internet users – last week they got Radio 1 presenter and globe trotting DJ, Annie Mac, to take to the platform, via youtube, for a special 40 minute broadcast.

Al though at many points, the connection is sketchy – we see Annie Mac talking from her London home, as she takes a hiatus from DJing while she has a baby.

Brighton producer, and Gangoon Dubz very own Dismantle jumped in on affairs – introduced as “a banging producer of future bass music,” Annie called him a “ferocious producer, who’s style sits comfortably as an ADD DJ”.

In the hangout, Dismantle announced the release of his EP on Digital Soundboy, which we can expect in the next few months – while also dropping mentions to collaborations with Shy FX.

Catch up with the interview above, and if you want to get direct to the conversation with Dismantle, skip to 5:33.

Gangoon Dubz present: 'Good World Order' with Chimpo, HIzzle Guy, Dismantle, Jakes and more

Friday 5th April at Cable, London

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