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Scratch meister supremo, Audio Visual wizard, and the man who puts fun back into Hip Hop - DJ Yoda is one of the most original and creative musicians around. From collaborating with the Trans-Siberian March Band to taking his Wonderful World of DJ Yoda Tour around the world - he's never a man to rest on his laurels. We take 5 minutes out of his busy schedule to talk about the important things in life, including vintage car chases and the joys of bad Arnie films.

Hi Yoda – how’s things?
None of your business! Nosy!

You’ve recently been collaborating with the Trans-Siberian March Band. They sound like a force to be reckoned with! Who are they and how did you come to work with them?
I had collaborated with an orchestra for the Concerto For Turntables project a couple of years back, but the piece was pretty much avant-garde classical music! So I had this desire to work with an orchestra again, but this time to pitch it towards the dancefloor, and have them playing hooks from the kind of tracks I would normally play when I DJ. I came across the Tran-Siberian dudes in Brighton, and they had such a great attitude that I could see them fitting right in with the project. We debuted the show at the Roundhouse in London and it was one of my favourite shows ever – I’m gonna stick it up on YouTube shortly.

You often cite the turntable as an instrument in its own right – shame our school teachers didn’t think the same and teach us how to scratch instead of play the recorder. Were you forced to play a musical instrument against your will when you were younger?
Ha ha – teaching scratching in school would be amazing! Yes, like everyone else I did my fair share of recorder lessons at school. And I was taught piano for a few years too, but I seemed to gravitate more towards the turntables.

How can we keep the wax alive in this age of laptop DJs?
Serato! Other than that, I think there’s no converting anyone who’s not a natural vinyl-lover!

We noticed you have used clips from old Arnold Schwarzenegger movies in the past. We have to say we are big fans of Arnie circa his Total Recall days – there must be wealth of great material for you to sample from his back catalogue – any particular favourites?
I’m a massive Arnie fan – I’ve always used samples from him for some reason! But, controversially, my favourite Arnie films are the really shit comedies – Twins, Junior, Jingle All The Way. That’s where the genius really shines through.

Any other 80s / 90s action heroes who get the Yoda treatment? Rocky? Rambo? Van Dam?
Hmm I think I used to really love Kickboxer. And Robocop!

You’re playing at Cable with Krafty Kuts for his ‘Let’s Ride’ album launch. The single ‘Let’s Ride’ has a great video full of vintage car chases – did he borrow some clips from your library
Haha – yeah I saw that video, it was dope. I didn’t help though. I’m not really a petrol head. I like food though if that’s any help.

What tune would you be listening to if you were in a vintage car chase?
The Theme from S.W.A.T.

The Cable gig is on bonfire night – in your opinion, is there any genre of music which should be burnt on a bonfire never to be seen again?
I couldn’t say that about any genre. Oh OK, trance.

You’ve created albums mashing together sounds from the, 1990s and 1930s – what decade is next? We’d like to see a Cut & Paste 1600’s Baroque Music edition please! (maybe…)
That’s an “interesting” suggestion. I’ve got a queue of ideas for new Cut & Paste mixes, but I’m going to finish this new artist album first. 90% there with it!

Given how much time you must spend on YouTube searching for videos, can you tip us off on a couple of good things to check out on our lunch break?
Yes, this is all you need:

And finally – what’s next for Yoda for the rest of 2011?
The Wonderful World of DJ Yoda tour – check my website for where – UK, Australia, New Zealand mainly! And Munich! And Dublin!

DJ Yoda plays the Krafty Kuts 'Let's Ride' Album Launch on Saturday 5th November.
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DJ Yoda Interview
18th October 2011
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