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The Document One guys are now a well established name in Dubstep and are in extremely high demand. We sat down with them recently ahead of their appearance at Idiosynphonic at Cable on Friday to ask them a few questions.

This is your first time playing Live in the UK what can we expect to see?

Well, this is only the second time we’ve preformed the live show so I guess to be honest were a little rusty and still figuring out just how to wow everyone. Although the test run we did last year consisted of a hybrid dj set along with more live versions of our own tunes. I suppose this time round were have the new ep to work from so were really excited about playing them live.

You did a Live show in Austria did you get nervous at all?

The simple answer would be YES we did get nervous. With a live show there are so many things that could go wrong and did go wrong in the lead up before the show. I remember we went through at least 3 soundcards and 2 or 3 laptops because they just kept crashing on us. Even in the sound check we had cable issues where the sub wasn’t coming out loud. The show lucky came together and we had nothing but positive feedback, so this time If we get rid of the stress of technical problems it should be a more relaxed show haha!

With quite a few producers going 'Live' who do you think is the best 'Live' act and why?

Well in my opinion (matt) it would have been pendulum. They were one of the firsts and did it extremely well, I mean main support at Glastonbury’s main stage is bigger than anything else ive seen for what was underground dance music. The fact the band was completely live and if you saw it then you would understand its as close to sounding like there albums in a live environment. Right now id say chase and status are pretty sick and feed me’s show looks insane to.

Why did you choose to do a 'Live' show?

I think it’s a combination of a few things. First and for most we are both musicians at heart and come from band orientated backgrounds. Joe is a piano player and I come from a guitar background, so performing as a group and showcasing the ability to change the songs in a live environment seemed inevitable at some point. The second reason is because we personally feel we have something different to offer, I mean hopefully by the end of the year the band will have 2 more members making it a 5 piece and giving us more room to change things a lot from what people see in our current dj set.

You have played at Idiosynphonic a couple of times before, what is your favourite memory?

I think our favourite has to be the um… with the star wars style poster lol! That just had way too many good artists on there. I was playing cable at another night last Friday and was lucky enough to see that poster still hanging around and when I look at it now so many acts are way bigger and producing much better music it’s really incredible. I think the best thing about these nights are they spot talent early and keep pushing them until everyone knows about them.

What is instore for us form Document One for the rest of 2012?

Well we have hopefully an 8 track ep dropping end of july on Buygore, followed shortly by some very nice colabs were trying to finish at present. Apart from that id say touring between the U.S.A/Canada and Australia/NZ again and all over Europe and England. Were hoping this next release will be the best yet, or at least that’s how we feel about the music haha!

What is the one bit of equipment you treasure the most?

Matt: my macbook pro because It means I can write anywhere but more importantly it allows me to access NI Komplete, that bit of software changed our music forever and its something we couldn’t live without now.

What would your dream line up be at Idiosynphonic's 2nd Birthday?

Knife party b2b Feed me b2b Noisia b2b document one – MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

What is the future of Bass Music?

I feel more so than ever that people are moving away from genre specifics. Not to say that dubstep or dnb is dry and stale but people are being more experimental than ever. I mean rewind even a year ago and you would never see dj’s skipping between dubstep, drumstep, 110bpm, electro and dnb it just didn’t happen. People like knife party, koan sound, Gemini and many others are really pushing music into a new place
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