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DVS1 is a purveyor of hypnotising stripped-down techno that moves your soul as much as your feet, so we are more than a little bit excited that he'll be joining James Ruskin, Peter Van Hoesen and more for We Fear Silence present Blueprint Records this Saturday. We managed to grab him for a quick chat to find out what to expect from his set this Saturday, what scares him, and just how devious he really his...

Cable: Do you live up you your namesake? When was the last time you did something devious?

DVS1: Definitely! I'm always up to something devious! It's nice having an alter ego... otherwise you're just you all the time - what fun is that?

You're playing at Cable for We Fear Silence presents Blueprint Records on July 16. What's your relationship with the label and with James?

I've been a long time supporter of James and Blueprint and just recently had a chance to remix the O/V/R project and show up on the vinyl with Rob Hood on the other side! It's really an honour to be a part of such a historical techno label. What's even better is that James and I have become friends and I wouldn't underestimate the possibility of more music coming out on blueprint in the future... wink wink!

We're glad to hear you're still a great supporter of vinyl - keep the wax alive! You've mentioned in the past that you think live mixing and and even the skips and mistakes that can come as part of a vinyl set are part of the experience. Do you think it's a shame that the technology has changed the art of DJing so much that learning to beatmatch is no longer essential to being a DJ?

I'm done arguing about vinyl versus digital, but I will say that SYNC and the general perfection of computers has taken the soul and life out of most performances. People are so used to perfection that they don't understand when a DJ is really working up there and things are moving. The reality is that of the people who use digital I would say there are 5% who use it for the sake of technology and really push boundaries with it. The other 95% are just lazy and have no interest in digging for music and no interest in experiencing the classic DJ style. I'm not one to argue about progression and technology, but as I mentioned I only think that pertains to the 5 percenters. There is something to be said for those that have learned on 2 turntables and now have moved on, but there is also a fine line between convenience and laziness!

Tell us about the techno scene in Minneapolis, we've never been! Any top tips for good clubs to check out?

Its good, but like any city in America it goes through its ups and downs. The club scene isn't that great as our clubs shut really early. Its really more about the private loft/warehouse spots that pop up all the time. The longest standing techno/house night at the moment is Black Saturdays at First Ave. What it is about Minneapolis that makes it so special is that when its good here, its REALLY good. The vibe, the sound, and the general energy emanating from the dance floor is really solid!

You recently released an EP on Enemy Records called Flight to Nowhere. Where's your favourite place in the world to fly off to?

I hate to sound boring, but after flying around a lot, the feeling of getting back on the plane heading home is always really refreshing. You know you're only a few hours away from your own bed!!

Can you tell us what's coming up for you in the next 6 months?

I've really started to say no to a lot of remix requests and decided I needed to just focus on original music! I've got the next Klockworks EP dropping in September - it's really done this time. It took a while to agree on the last track with Ben, but now we are completely on the same page and ready to get this out! I'm also starting my label HUSH in December - to commemorate the 15 year anniversary of my company named Hush as well. The releases will come every 3-4 months with 2-3 tracks by me. No remixes, no digital.

Will you be spending a bit of time in London when you come over for your set at Cable? Anything you really want to do or see? Visit the Queen? Swim in the River Thames ? Try some jellied eels?

I'm actually arriving a few days early to hang out with James and just relax. Who knows, we might feel inspired to lock ourselves in the studio!

For anyone who hasn?t heard a DVS1 set before, what can they expect on 16th July?

I hate to say you can expect anything in particular... but I will say that I give what I get. So if the crowd is good and the sound is proper then I'll give everything I have. If they want a proper beat down then I'll be ready to give it!

Where are we most likely to find you after your set? Propping up the bar, throwing some shapes on the dancefloor or tucked up in bed with a nice cup of tea?

Depends on the company... I have a feeling this one might be on the bar!! If not, then maybe some tea and early morning food!

We Fear Silence - what do you fear?

I fear being locked in a room with an amazing sound system and being forced to listen to BAD MUSIC!!!!!

DVS1 plays We Fear Silence present Blueprint Records on Saturday 16 July

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