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Ahead of the Dub-All or Nothing 1st Birthday Bash at Cable on August 10th, we've managed to get hold of this exclusive mix & interview from Dutch Dubstep maestro Addergebroed.

Dub-All or Nothing 1st Birthday
Cable London
10th August 10pm - 6am

DJs: Xilent, Inspector Dubplate, Boy Kid Cloud, Addergebroed, P0gman, Trampa, Senzer, Jesta, Pote 7 more

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When I grew up I always wanted to be...

A lead guitarist in a metal band.

You wouldn't expect it, but sometimes I listen to...

Minimal techno.

My signature dance move is...

The Carlton Dance.

My favourite YouTube video at the moment is...


My next release is...

A very experimental one :-D .
It will contain very different tracks then what you guys are used to hear from me. Also got tunes in the works with guys like Culprate, SubAntix and Maksim, very awesome to hear what these collabs have become and how different they are from things we have done before.

After I finish my set you will find me...

Standing in the crowd. Chinscratching and discussing the sounds that are playing, like a sir. Or just doing the Carlton dance.

My perfect hangover breakfast is...

A glass of fresh orange juice usualy does the trick.

If I get a weekend off I like to...

Hang out with the people I love.

I love...
1. Berlin.
2. Changing my sounds.
3. Enthousiastic crowds.
4. Fixie bikes.

I fear...
1. Social media overloads.
2. Dubstep in commercials on TV.
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