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Before he takes to the decks at the Cable Arches to perform a very special live set for the London crowd at Mono Audio on 24th August, we sat down with Amit to find out everything from his own personal influences to working on film scores... Enjoy!

Mono Audio present Swindle, Amit (Live), Khan & more
Friday 24th August at Cable, London

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You hear many different musical genres within your work including dub, reggae and Asian musical influences. Which 3 artists would you say have had the biggest impact on your production?

That’s a hard one but if I had to pick 3 I’d say, Sonic Youth, King Tubby and Massive Attack. Ok make it 4, I cant leave out Mohammed Rafi.

Although predominantly known as a drum and bass producer you’ve also released some Dubstep tracks on Exit as well as appeared on Youngsta’s Rinse FM show. Could you see this as an area you want to explore more?

I love working at a variety of signatures and as an artist I have never felt restricted to any one BPM range. I will definitely be continuing to explore the 140 mark in the near future. It’s great to be able to work across different genres and with the artists and labels you’ve mentioned.

You’ve had releases on some legendary labels including Metalheadz, Commercial Suicide and Exit Records. What was it like working under Goldie, Klute and D Bridge and was the ever intimidating?

I wouldn’t say intimidating, if anything I’d say they were scared of me (joke). Throughout my career I’ve met many creative people and have learnt a great deal. Every artist has their own expertise and way of working as well as an individual outlook on the industry, it’s been great to work with so many of these people as we all learn from each other. It’s certainly been a great journey so far.

You’ve also worked on some film scores in the past. What was the appeal of doing this and are there any plans to ever do this again?

Yes of course. I have had some more offers for a few feature films and need to sit down to see what project I’ll do next. It’s great writing to moving image, I quite enjoy creating moods, textures and soundscapes as fundamentally that’s what my music is based on. It also offers an opportunity to collaborate with a director and to work together to achieve the best sound design for the specific film. I really enjoy this process as it is so different to creating music as a recording artist.

What are your plans for the immediate future? Any material for a new album yet?

I have a new Metalheadz 12” out in October featuring Killer Driller and Colour Blind. I’ve been working on some other very exciting new releases that will materialise soon. As for an album, keep your eyes peeled in 2013.

For anyone who hasn’t seen one of your live shows, tell us what to expect down at Cable?

A journey of music at various at BPMs, rare material that might never be released, new tracks, live manipulation of layers, drones atmospheres and film soundscapes.

What artists are really standing out for you across any genre at the moment?

For me right now I’d say Sonic Youth. Vivek, Kryptic Minds, Radiohead, Digital, Nomine, Rani, Massive Attack and The Irrepressibles.

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