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London based Frenchman and Safari Electronique / Numerique boss Arnaud Le Texier has been a regular on the London House and Techno scene for some years now. His own imprints reflect his style of pushing all types of Electronic music with the later showcasing the more experimental sound of upcoming artists withing Deep House and Techno. Ahead of his performance at Ctrl Shift this Friday alongside Paul Woolford, he sat down with the Ctrl Shift boys for a little chat.

Ctrl Shift presents Paul Woolford (3 hour set) & Arnaud Le Texier
Friday 1st February at Relay, London

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First off, Happy New Year to you Arnaud. What were your highlights of 2012?

Happy New Year to you too!

I had many highlights in 2012 and it's hard to choose.... But I am gonna select two!
First one definitely is Melt's birthday with Efdemin & DJ Qu, it was such a great vibe between the dancefloor, dj's etc.... A real joy like it used to be at the beginning of Rave in the 90's. Really positive energy that you can feel in the air the whole night... It was just magic!

The second was the One More marathon in August! I did the warm up in a nice open air space then the closing b2b with Antonio De Angelis... Super vibe and I love this venue because in the Summer when the daylight comes in the morning you feel like to be a bit in DC10 in Ibiza but in the middle of Shoreditch wink

Have you made any New Year's resolutions? Or is it business as usual?

Not personal one this year... But more for business!!! I decided to work more in the studio and make more music! I didn't do that much in the last 10 years as I preferred to take care of my labels, but it's time for get back in the studio, as I feel inspired at the moment! It means less releases on my labels but have to make a choice sometimes!

You've been a regular feature on the underground scene in London for sometime now, how do you think it compares to other clubbing destinations in the world?

I like the London clubbing scene because there is a good mixture of culture and the people are open-minded. Also, their seems to be good background knowledge in electronic music in general. Something you can also find in other cities such as Berlin.

Resident Advisor recently featured Paris as part of their 'Real Scenes' documentary series. As a native Parisian, are you intrigued and excited about what's happening in the city at the moment?

When I left France 7 years ago it was a time when nothing was really happening.... really boring! But in the last 2 years the scene is back in full force and I am really happy about that... It's Paris and it's unusual that a city like that doesn't have a good clubbing scene. It's not the fault of promoters or owner of clubs.... but French politic mentality & medias can be really backward, so they don't help... Shame on them, they really don't get it!

I have a request to play in Paris in June and I have to say that I am really excited about it!

You release a lot of great techno tracks with Antonio De Angelis, how did that partnership come about and have you considered a live performance together?

We have known each other for 5 years now! We naturally found it easy to work with each other, as we have similar tastes in music. It took a while before we found out what we really wanted to do and the direction we wanted to go in. 6 months ago we decided to start a project under a new alias Detect Audio. We focused on techno for this project and we have 3 releases planned! First one will be on Nowhere, a new French label subdivision, Techno of Syncrophone with a remix from Johannes Volk. The second is on Retro Metro with a remix from Antigone. The 3rd will be on Syncrophone with a Terrence Dixon remix.

Regarding a live performance, we thought about it and we are both Dj's and we like to play a lot like that. So we are working on a kind of back 2 back with some tools on top of our mix to create something differently. We play often b2b at One More and it's doing well. We did a 4 hours session at Paradox and people went mad so it motivated us.

You're playing 1-3 at Ctrl Shift, what can we expect to hear from your set?

Something smooth, like Deep techno at the beginning then techno towards the end.... I really don't know.... never know what it's gonna be until I start!!!! Just get ready to move your ass wink

Who are your favourite producers at the moment and do you have any breakthrough artist predictions for 2013?

I think Zadig is going to be someone who will explode really soon!!! He did a live show for our party Melt and it was amazing. He played in October at Berghain and he did a really good job! His next ep on Deeply Rooted is great and he just signed the next ep on my label Children of Tomorrow a proper Techno bomb. Then I will say Antigone, a young producer from France and resident of the unfamous party Concrete in Paris & again someone I just signed on Children. I will say also Rodhad who is a talented DJ and producer I like his univers as a DJ he's really similar of my personal techno taste.

You're excellent Safari Electronique & Safari Numerique imprints have gained support from some of the biggest names in the industry, can you tell us a bit more about what you've coming up on the labels this year?

Soon will be EP's from : David Labeij, John Barber, Yamen & Eda with a remix of Julien Sandre, etc....

On Children of Tomorrow the ep from Antigone with a remix from ROD (Klockwork) will be out in January then Zadig's Ep in April and probably an EP from Detect Audio.

We've been a huge fan of the Safari Electronique radio shows at Ctrl Shift HQ. Do you get a buzz out of the taking the listeners on a musical journey and doing something a little different to what you might do in a club environment?

Thanks for the support!!! I received more and more messages from people who like my radio shows and I am really happy to get feedback. I am getting more followers every month! So the show has been moved to a better time schedule on Friday due to his success.

What I like with this show is that I can play music I like and that I want to promote.... not specifically mine etc... Sometimes it can be super dance floor and Techno or the total opposite with Ambient, downtempo, deep, house etc.... Every month I receive at least 600 tracks between promos, demos, vinyl’s, Cd or digital format!!! So I make my selection with that while I am listening to my old record collection... I like to mix old music with the new stuff.

I can say every podcast is reflecting my mood and not the mood of what I like to play in club... There is a big difference when you play in your studio or in a club! Although I build the mix as a proper DJ set.

Finally, it's been a great few years for Techno music; the Berghain sound championed by Klock & Dettmann has been huge, the Detroit sound is still going strong with Carl Craig & Robert Hood, what do you think the next big shift will be?

Yeah it's been good time for techno and I can tell that it's going to be for a while. I can see every month more and more people who were playing or listening deep house moving toward the techno sound! It's really hard to say what will be next, but hopefully great music with soul and an underground vision. I think there are a lot of good things in every style of music, it's just personal taste that's it.

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