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Ahead of their takeover of Room 2 at Cable Presents on 31st August, we sat down with the East London based crew to find out a little more about the label and what's in store for us on Friday.

Cable Presents Emalkay, Kito & Mensah
Friday 31st August at Cable, London

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How did the label come about and what were you aiming for?

We guess Discus was ‘founded’ on the 20/4/2011. We were coming back from one of our mates’ nights at Rhythm Factory and we started talking about if we were to do something like this ourselves, what would be different and how could we better it. We pooled our resources and initiated a movement between mutual friends, looking for the same outlet – a platform to expose our music, and to host our own nights.

What makes you different to other record labels?

After a couple of events we realized we had something of a following. This brought us all together and really got local talent excited and wanting to be involved. Having the energy and support from people around us has moulded us into something unique. We could ramble about each artists individuality and how we view ourselves as a label but really it's the fans and friends that have turned us into what we are - and turned some heads in the process.
To give an answer though, The main thing is that everyone involved is young (under the age of 21), no prejudice, just the aspiration that everyone involved is a star in the making and growing together rather than struggling alone.

How do you choose which artists are suitable for the label?

I think what we’re looking for more than anything when it comes down to artists is originality and excitement in the sound they produce; tunes that make the whole rave jump. We try not to get bogged down when it comes to different genres and subgenres, because there’s so much crossover present in electronic music. To limit ourselves to one genre seemed a bit closed off in our eyes. So what it comes down to is pretty simple: Good Music.

Your events have been causing a storm recently, if you could choose any city in the world to put an event where would it be?

We've discussed this before, Budapest was thrown out there, LA, New York, Sydney but the one we could agree on is London our home and our hub. We were born in East London and we can't imagine being anywhere else. Of course we won't limit ourselves, and in years to come we would like nothing more than to be touring abroad, but for now we want nothing more than to be in London.

Which upcoming EP are you most excited about releasing and why?

There’s a lot in the pipeline, but we’re pretty hyped about the new single ‘Monacle’ lined up from our very own Pola and Bryzone who come together to form Bry:Pola. It will be out early October. As for our next E.P we're keeping that under our hats for the minute. Although, I can tell you it will be called 'Vessel'.

Whats been your most enjoyable/memorable moment in the past year?

Just being asked by Cable to do an event is amazing point in our career. To us, it shows us that we're doing the right thing. Of course it's the events that make us and we’ve had some stand out events over the past year, at the Alibi, our launch night at Rhythm Factory and at 491 Gallery. But a couple spring to mind including one of our first ever nights, a private birthday where Discus really gained a lot of hype. This was a last minute call asking us to come and put on a party in an office block, so we made a few calls, borrowed a rig and lugged our records down. This was a surreal evening but in the best possible way, we saw that we could do in the space of 2 days and this is what motivated us to push Discus and actually make something of what was at this point an over-excited conversation.

Thinking back to one of our more recent events. One minute it was on, then it wasn’t. Then we needed to go and speak to one guy who was fully behind it, only to speak to another who didn't have a clue it was happening. We turned up at the venue only to find they'd painted the walls less than an hour ago. Picture it; 100 people waiting outside while we fanned the walls with posters...crazy right. To be honest we wouldn't be telling that story with a smile on our faces if it hadn't of been a sell out event.

What plans do you have for the future?

We've got something big lined up for January, but that would be sharing all our secrets early. We'll absolutely have some more releases and some other events in the lead up to Christmas, possibly a Halloween gig. For the mean time though a couple of our guys Pola and Jooks are supporting Netsky Live at the Brixton Electric on the 28th September.
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