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Rupture Crew main man Double O has been kind enough to give us this exclusive promo mix ahead of Renegade Hardware at Cable where Rupture will be hosting Room 2. Some absolute bangers in this one... Enjoy!

The event will also be streamed live from 11pm - 5am at

Renegade Hardware with Ink, Loxy, Bad Company & more
Saturday 22nd September at Cable, London

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1- stone circles -Dave Hoax
2 -D yates-untitled Dub
3- The underpass -Andy Pain and z connection -Dust audio
4--your love -gremlinz and friskie- Marcus visionary remix
5- Dub -Voytek
6- bad obsession- dub- Genotype
7- Runes remix Dub-D yates
8- Jah dub -Acid lab
9- Shank-Gremlinz and friskie - final chapter 2
10- Dub -Voytek
11- only you Dub - Greenleaf selector-gremlinz vip
12- Dub -Rumbelton
13-Militant-Earl grey and Dr Um
14-Understand the process- Soza 2 hungry ghosts
15-Sonar vip ??? -Dj Trace
16 Boymer ting-????
17- Longers-Antidote -Rupture Lnd 002
18- Conditioned by machines- Double O

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