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Manchester based DnB head Dub Phizix has without a doubt been one of the most exciting and standout artists in the scene for a few years. His monster hit "Marka" was something completely fresh and was played in sets right the ways across the board, absolutely destroying dancefloor's everywhere. Since then he's released on the revered Critical Music as well helping run Manchester's Estate Recordings which is also doing big things right now. We caught up with him ahead of his appearance at Shogun Audio at Cable in December to find out a little more.

We Fear Silence present Shogun Audio with Friction & Dub Phizix
Saturday 15th December at Cable, London

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Hi mate, how’s it going? How’s everything with you?

I’m good thanks.

So, for those that don’t know, how did you first become involved in Music?

I've played guitar since I was really young, I played in bands in school but we were shit. I eventually got into Hip-hop and found I could make it with 2 tape decks and a box of records. 
Eventually, through Hip-hop I got into D&B by which time I had started using the computer to make loops. I left school at 16 to go and do a Music tech course at City college Manchester where I was taught how to use a Sampler, Synths and Cubase. By now I had decided that D&B was for me and I' spent every waking hour in and around the colleges studios. Eventually the 100% software studio became a reality and was a much more affordable solution. From then I started building up my own rig and I've been buried in the studio ever since.

What’s the scene like in Manchester now? How do you think it has changed / evolved over the years?

It’s really good at the moment, but then again it always has been. Not that much has changed to be honest. Obviously there’s new faces every year but it’s a case of, if it’s not broke don’t fix it. I love this city

How are things with Estate Recordings at the moment? Any news on releases / plans for the future?

Good, we just got a massive new studio space in an old mill in Manchester so we’ve been sorting that out. One room is 1500 sq ft and we have a 200 sq ft room on the floor below. The smaller one used to be a studio where Broke ‘n’ English and Mr Scruff recorded their albums so we’re gonna put a studio in there and upstairs will be another studio with rehearsal, and office space.

Have you personally got anything coming out soon?

Yeah I got another 12 coming on Exit. Should be out before the end of the year.

What tracks are big in your sets right now?

Xtrah – Soundclash

Om Unit - Triffidz

Anything else you’ve got going on that you want to tell us?

Got Sky the other day. Flossin’


When I grew up I wanted to be?

Grown up

You wouldn’t expect it but sometimes I listen to…

Other peoples conversations

My favourite Youtube video at the moment is…

Monkey on a goat on a cup on a tightrope [c/o Konny Kon]

Planned New Years resolution?


Best hangover cure?


After I finish my set you will find me……


I love…


I fear…

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