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Dubba Jonny are set to release their much anticipated debut album 'No Stopping' and to celebrate the launch they are dropping in at Relay for a very special event. Dubba Jonny will be supported by a full live band (for the first time ever) to smash out their new material, ensuring this will be a one-off 'not to be missed' soiree. In Support we have scratch maestro Captain Crunch, who'll throw down some crazy routines. Mattix & Futile and AMC will be switching the tempo up to show you why they are the rising stars of the D&B world. Meanwhile Liyan Records latest signing Buchan will also feature laying down a solid foundation for a rock-solid party. Oh yeah and it's all for free!

Check out this exclusive teaser mix which features sneak previews of some of the tracks from the new album 'No Stopping' alongside other tracks they're rocking at the moment. Enjoy!

'No Stopping' has a more experimental direction compared with your previous production, what influenced the musical direction behind the LP.

It was a tricky one for me actually, I figured it was time to try some new ideas and experiment a bit more, but I've struggled to find anything else going on in the scene that really hits me enough to draw influence from at the moment. When I was younger I used to make a lot of rock and ambient stuff, as well as a lot of wannabe cinematic stuff, so I've gone back to my 'old style' as some of my mates call it a little bit I guess!

Your album is about to drop on your own imprint Liyan Records, what else do you have in store for us in 2012

Ridiculously I'm already balls deep in the next release, obviously it's a bit early to start talking about that though. I'm heading off on my first Canadian tour next month, which I'm insanely excited about, on top of that I've got a couple big remixes coming out very soon, as for the rest of the year I guess I'll see where this release takes me!

Tell us a little bit more about the label.

I started Liyan Records largely out of frustration from not getting the experience I wanted from labels, at the time I'd been offered a few deals that for several different reasons just didn't work out, I was bitching to my manager about it one night in Belgium and he suggested the idea. I just want a small scale operation that works with artists a lot more closely, but still actually puts the time and money into getting artists decent exposure for their releases. I've actually only picked up a couple artists so far that I'm working with - Buchan and Diverse, 2 relatively new acts that are really doing exciting things at the moment I think! So there's 2 releases to look forward to for everyone, more news soon!

Where do you think the future of 'Bass' music lies?

It's hard to say, I mean a few years back no-one saw this giant Dubstep boom coming, a lot of D&B seems to be exploding into a very mainstream phenomenon again, Electro and Moombah influences have been all over pop for a while too. At the same time Bass music fans are definitely opening their minds to different stuff, and producers are becoming more and more adventurous and breaking out of the limitations of genre, so I honestly have no idea, I feel like the whole scene is being pulled in both directions, and it doesn't seem to be doing any harm, I expect someone will take the mainstream side of things a step too far and alienate a lot of people from the scene soon enough.

Who should we be looking out for in the next 12 months?

I'd say Buchan and Diverse, but obviously I'm a bit biased there! Other than that, there's guys like Teknian and Xcore and Culprate that a lot of people in the scene already know about but aren't quite getting the recognition they really deserve yet, Also, Maksim and Inja are doing some really exciting stuff, got high hopes for all these guys this year!

Last time you played 'Live' in Cable was with just a drummer, what is going to be different at your album Launch on Thursday 21st June?

Back then me and nick (he's currently working solo under the name of NCK) used to play completely improvised sets, as a DJ set with live drums throughout. This set up is more of a whole live band, complete with drummer, guitarist and vocalist, on top of this the whole set will be completely pre-prepared, we're spending a lot of time and effort putting this together to make sure this is the best it can possibly be.

You have played at Cable a couple of times, what is your favourite memory?

There's probably a lot of stories I'd best not mention ha! Um that live set just mentioned was pretty next level, I remember during our set they had to get extra security in to stop everyone fucking the place up, every time we played a banger I remember getting death stares from some of the bouncers, that was pretty funny. I've definitely passed out in the artist room there on a couple very messy nights too!


Dubba Jonny present 'No Stopping' album launch party
Cable, London - Thursday 21st June 2012

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