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Ahead of We Fear Silence present Butterz & Hardrive next month at Cable, we sat down with the grime duo to find out what's been going on with the label, Rinse & what's in store for us in November.

We Fear Silence present Butterz & Hardrive with EZ & Terror Danjah
Saturday 10th November at Cable, London

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What's been going on since the last party back in July with the world of Butterz?

The last party was sick, the last set we will never forget, Boy Better Know turned up unannounced at 5am and joined us on set . We have moved from a late night slot on Rinse FM to primetime Sunday night 7-9pm and we have been working in a contemporary dance show in Paris as well as just doing our normal bookings all over the place. It's been a crazy summer and we are itching to be back at Cable now.

Butterz & Hardrive have become well known as Grime raves in the past 12 months, why have you decided to have DJ EZ and The Heatwave guesting this time?

Between us, Royal-T, Swindle & Terror Danjah there is more than enough Grime to go round, so we are bringing in people that we rate elsewhere on a similar vibe to us. We have all been listening to EZ forever and his set is perfect for our audience. With The Heatwave we go to their nights all the time, and they are keeping the dancehall fire burning strong, their parties are nothing but fun smiles and big energy. Same as ours, The Heatwave is more of a risky one but I think our ravers love the fresh dubplate edge that we bring and a knees up at the same time.

You mentioned the show move on Rinse FM, what has the transition been like from late to early, from pirate to legal and how was the whole 18th Birthday celebration?

We joined in 2009, and its felt professional from the start. All that has happened really is steady improvements along the way, and while we have been growing as DJs slowly at the same time its worked perfectly for us. Now we are on earlier then we used to we are getting a bunch of new listeners and people checking what we are doing outside of the radio. The 18th birthday is incredible as i've listened for so long, and it was one of our aims starting out to be on Rinse so its nice to be there during this transitional time.

How are things on the label front? Things have been quiet since Champion - Crystal Meth? (Check the video out - filmed at Cable)

We don't put out loads of records we have always been on a minimal vibe in that sense. We have this unwritten rule of not releasing two solo records from the same act on the label so we have released a lot of different people in a short space of time, but still tried to keep that core family vibe. All the residents of the night have other outlets like Terror on Hyperdub, Swindle on Deep Medi and Royal-T on Rinse so there has been no shortage of music lately. We had a couple of set backs with projects, but everything happens for a reason. Hopefully we will get out one more record this year and get a few out early next year.

What have we got to look forward to going into 2013?

More nights at Cable, some fresh additions to the roster and some brand new projects... Have to be as vague as possible to keep it fun wink

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