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MJ Cole is a true veteran and legend of UK underground music. His track "Sincere" can be said to be one of the most well known and era defining tracks of the golden age of UK Garage. Since then his level of quality and consistency with both his own and remix work is unrivaled, and has recently produced tracks with both Wiley, Wretch 32 and Example. We caught up with him a while ago to pick his brain about the resurgence of Garage and what the future holds for him. Catch him this Saturday in Room 2 for the last ever Shogun Audio at Cable.

We Fear Silence present Shogun Audio with Friction & Dub Phizix
Saturday 15th December at Cable, London

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Over the past year or so there's been a lot of talk about the resurgence of UK garage and the formation of so-called "Future Garage". What's your take on the whole scene at the moment?

I'm loving the eclectic blend of old and new at the moment. It's great to be able to draw on flavours from a decade and blend them into one.,Funny really - I first heard the "Future Garage" term a few years back and began to experiment with that sound (Todd Edwards "I Might Be" remix, (Maddlinsky "Special" remix) and it seemed to drift away. Good news that it's back again as I feel it's a strong sound.

Who are the current artists / producers in and outside the garage scene that you're interested in at the moment and who would you like to work with most?

There's some great vocal talent out there at the minute. Am lucky enough to be working with a good selection of them. Loving producers out there like Blawan, Disclosure and Dusky.

You've recently worked with a few grime artists such as Wretch 32, Scrufizzer and Wiley. What's the appeal with working with grime artists and do you want to continue to do so?

Yep, I love working with both singers and more MC-based artists. The Grime guys have a unique flow which really suits a more stripped back, raw production style which I think contrasts well with my more musical stuff.

Your recent "Red & Black" EP showed a more atmospheric side to your production. Where would you say your heading musically?

Haha, I never worry where I'm heading really. "Red and Black" shows a more cinematic side to me - it was composed for a TV advert so it's much more atmospheric but I'm also working hard on more Underground records at the moment. It's always good to keep the spectrum broad if you can.

What are your plans for Prolific Recordings and what 1 artist would you most like to sign?

There's a couple of EP's in the pipeline for Prolific this year. Quite different sounding material. Not planning on signing anyone at the minute - too much paperwork wink

Any plans for a new album?

Watch this space......
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