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Cable regulars North Base have been kind enough to do us an exclusive mix ahead of their appearance at Osiris next month at Cable. They've been busy little boys recently with The Future / Strawberry Shields out on Sleepless Records in October, remixing Benga's next single, as well as remaking the Degrees in Motion old school classic "Shine On". The mix also features their new single with Virus Syndicate called "Home" on Case Load Records.

Cable present Osiris Music with Kryptic Minds, Hatcha, Silkie & more
Friday 5th October at Cable, London

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1. Northern Lights (feat) Howard Marks - Mr Nice - North Base Remix - Audio Warfare Dubplate
2. Dismantle - 2in1 - Gangoon Dubs
3. North Base - Hot Chocolate - Dub Plate
4. Dillon Francis - Masta Blasta
5. Rusko - Somebody To Love - Skream Remix
6. Dismantle - Computations V.I.P - Wheel & Deal Records
7. DJ Zinc - Killer Sound - Skream Remix - Tempa
8. Azealia Banks - 212
9. Alan Brakes - Intro
10. Knife Party - Internet Friends - Warner Music
11. North Base - Insomniac - Wheel & Deal Dubplate
12. Dismantle - More Funk - Digital Soundboy
13. North Base - Ruffneck - Wheel & Deal Records
14. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Blood Pressure - Polydor
15. North Base - Acid Flashback - Wheel & Deal Records
16. Sub Focus - Last Jungle - Ram Records
17. Virus Syndicate Vs North Base - Home - Case Load Records

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