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Ahead of our very special We Fear Silence Showcase on September 15th, we've managed to get hold of this exclusive mix & interview from RackNRuin....Enjoy!

We Fear Silence with Phaeleh, Ikonika and Deadboy
Cable London
15th September 10pm - 6am

DJs: Phaeleh, Ikonika, Deadboy, Fantastic Mr Fox, RackNRuin, Randomer, Black Orange Juice Live & more.

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1. Mak & Pasteman - Chakra (CBDL Remix)
2. SpectraSoul - Away With Me
3. C.R.E.A.M Remix
4. Shadow Child - String Thing
5. Jessie Ware - Wildest Moments (Mad Slinky Remix)
6. Ed Drewett - Summertime (RackNRuin Remix Dub)
7. Dusky - Every Day
8. NAPT - Tom Toms
9. Shox - Artillery
10. Hostage - Tunnels
11. Kashii - Rome
12. Roska - You Dun Know
13. The Other Tribe v Kidnap Kid - Don't Need No Melody (Dub Mix)
14. Maribou State - All Blue
15. Hot Chip - Day & Night (Dusky Remix)
16. The Sneekers - B.a.s.s.
17. Disclosure - Control
18. Gorgon City - Untitled
19. Breakage - Telepathy
20. Aiden Grimshaw - Curtain Call (RackNRuin Remix)
21. Dismantle - Dots
22. Charlie XCX - In The Dark (Woz Remix)
23. Jay James Picton - Long May They Roll (RackNRuin Remix)
24. RackNRuin - Slow Down



Your first release with Black Butter Records was in 2010 how has the label evolved?

The label has evolved enormously, and it continues to do so with every new release and artist. BB has always included a lot of vocal tracks and featured artists, but especially with the Rudimental and Other Tribe stuff; this seems to be a very important part of the further progression of the label. The great thing about Black Butter is that it never stuck to one sound or style. At the time of its birth this was very forward-thinking and risky. But this confidence and broad taste in good music has become one of the labels' most powerful traits.

You have started a collaboration project with Foamo called 'Gorgon City'. What inspired you to do this?

We started chatting on twitter and thought it would be sick to combine our sounds. Working with Kye (Foamo) was fun and fast-paced so we decided to do more and the rest is (a short) history!

Are there any other future collaborations we should know about?

More vocalists with the RackNRuin project for sure, I have worked with Tracy from the band 14th and a few others for my forthcoming album, which is still in its development stage. I also will be working with more MCs on it. I have been doing loads of remix work for major labels so some interesting collaborations there too.

I first met you last year, how has your sound changed and what can we expect from future Rack N Ruin releases?

Hopefully I have been keeping a fresh and unique sound the whole time. Some of my newer stuff is a bit deeper and slower in tempo but is still aimed at the dancefloor most of the time. RackNRuin was never just one sound so it will always been evolving and changing, always heavily influenced by what I play in my DJ sets and what my friends are producing.

With Rudimental storming the UK Top 40 can we expect to see Rack N Ruin up there?

Haha! Who knows, I'm excited about some of my forthcoming releases which feature some great vocalists and are involved with cool labels (as well as Black Butter) so we'll have to wait and see! I will obviously continue to release more underground dance releases as well.

You have bee producing for a while what has been your favourite track and

I'm pretty fond of most of them, but I really like listening to 'Righteous' because it was so much fun making the tune and also filming the video, big up everyone who was involved!

When you are not producing or playing, what do you do in London?

I like going out to see my other mates play and find new music. I get pretty excited when a new venue opens as this rarely happens nowadays. And the usual stuff like going to see art, films and new restaurants around town.

Your girlfriend works in the art world, what do you think to the art scene?

I don't know much about it to be honest. But it seems pretty tough and dog-eat-dog just like the music game I guess! Being an artist is really difficult and I admire everyone who dedicates their life to something so challenging. I also definitely like the free drinks at the openings that's for sure!

If you could live in any other city in the world, where would it be and

At the moment I think it would be San Francisco, I've been there a few times on tour and it's amazing. It seems super cool and the people are really laid back. I'd love to live there and write music for a while at some point.
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