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Robert Babicz truly is a man who has seen and done it all. The Cologne based Pole's career has spanned over two decades and seen many changes and aliases, from the very beginnings of the Acid House scene when it first arrived on European shores, to the turn of the new millennium which brought in a new age of Minimal House, to present day, where Robert showcases his love for Techno, Minimal, Acid and all things in between. Renowned for his impeccable production skills and unique sound, his love for analogue equipment from the 70s and 80s sets him apart from the crowd, with revered names such as Martinez and Gabriel Ananda procuring his services for mastering their own productions. With releases on such labels as the legendary Kompakt, as well as Treibstoff, Audiomatique and his own imprint, Babiczstyle, he is now considered up there with the very best.

Ahead of his live performance at Nuestra Casa this Saturday at Relay alongside Tom Middleton, the Nuestra Casa boys sat down with the man himself to find out a little more.

Nuestra Casa with Robert Babicz (Live), Tom Middleton & more
Saturday 16th February at Relay, London

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1. Artists these days take pride in working under a number of alias's. You've very much done that. What is it about the idea of an alias you love? And do you think it's important to use it as a means to differentiate style?

The alias idea was for me to have this different platforms for different styles, because the people are usually not so open minded, but i changed my view on this, and now i mostly do everything under Robert Babicz, i am independent enough to be free as an artist… just sometimes i like to play like a child under my ROB ACID name, but its really more like playing with toys, especially if i use the tb303.

2. Why do you like to be known as a live performer and never a DJ?

Because i never DJ in my hole life, I've always been a producer and live performer, but in these days its important to remind people that i am what i am. I really enjoy to have this full control on my sets, where i decide where the music goes and that every note is coming out of my own fantasy. I am not very much interested to play music from other people……. I listen to music from other at home or in the car.

3. What’s your thoughts on the split between underground club movements, and the mainstream movement sweeping the US at current?

I like when structures are changing in general, that means our music is still alive. On the other side I don't care what the people doing in the US, i just have as much fun as possible with my stuff.

4. Which audiences around the world really do it for you? Who gets you into the swing of a set best?

Ohhhh i am really in love with the full planet, there is no best place, as a gig depends on so many parameters. I always do my best everywhere…...

5. You’ve got an interest in travel photography too – do you feel it’s important to have that escape from the DJ lifestyle? Many DJs absorb it to the point of obsession.

I done this lifestyle for over 20 years now, for me there is no need in after-hours any more, I'd rather go to bed to be able to go out next day with my camera. I mean where in the world you have the opportunity to travel all around the planet and get paid for having fun. It's a waste of lifetime just to be only at the hotel and party….

6. How do you think small labels and imprints set up by DJs fit into the market for dance music?

These days of the global network, you can be as powerful as every big label, you can do everything out of your bedroom.

7. You started in a day before the internet existed, do you see the changes on how it’s affected the way you work? What are they?

Sure it changed everything, i would even say, that the internet was the main power to share this music around the planet.

8. Future plans?

My new album is on its way on Systematic Records, and also my next Babiczstyle Vol 2 compilation is coming….. and a lot of wonderful touring.
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